2017-04-01 – A research project for bee keepers re. RF/EMR

2017-04-02 – Security expert testifies that smeters are entrances for cyberattacks.

2017-04-03 – Californians preparing to fight small cells

2017-04-04 – More than 80 cities in Ohio suing re small cells

2017-04-05 – Studies show plants react physiologically to weak RF exposure

2017-04-06 – In 2015, 82% of Canadians had mobile devices!!

2017-04-07 – An excellent report criticizing the last Health Canada review of Un-Safety Code 6

2017-04-08 – Meter readers paid $.34 per meter. Why are the legacy fees $64.80 per read?

2017-04-09 – Possible link between occupational exposure to EMF and Lou Gehrig’s disease

2017-04-10 – CBS’s 60 Minutes — deliberate addiction to phones, etc.

2017-04-11 – Dr. Sam Milham “Smart meters are a public health hazard”

2017-04-12 – Cell phone use during pregnancy might be associated with behavioral problems in children

2017-04-13 – Resistance to microcells growing in California

2017-04-14 – More info for beekeepers re. bee study

2017-04-15 – Cybersecurity: Who controls the Off Switch?

2017-04-16 – What will a 5G Future look like?

2017-04-17 – US Wireless spectrum sold for many billion$$$

2017-04-18 – Cancer Cluster in North Carolina – Is it linked to EMF?

2017-04-19 – 5G and Robots

2017-04-20 – Utility replacing all smeters.

2017-04-21 – Victories in court in California and Italy

2017-04-22 – Utility in US applying for prepaid service

2017-04-23 – Kamloops to get Canada’s first “solar road”

2017-04-24Microcell flyer needs to be circulated

2017-04-25 – Have BC Hydro’s smeters ever been certified safe by any professional Electrical Engineer?

2017-04-26 – Strong warning about vulnerability of smeters, especially once the ZigBee chip is activated.

2017-04-27 – A must read tribute about how industry treats real scientists

2017-04-28 –  EMF Plague Part 2

2017-04-29 – Industry warns of many security flaws in IoT that could cause major harm, even death.

2017-04-30Mining of data from smeters illegal. Data is for billing purposes only — former Privacy Commissioner



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