2018-03-01Michigan politician calls smeter program “state sanctioned tyranny”

2018-03-02 – BCUC decides rates will increase April 1

2018-03-03BC Hydro‘s ‘mess’ will result in rates doubling.

2018-03-04 – Exploding e-cigarettes get more media attention than exploding/burning smeters.

2018-03-05 – Financial messes, BC Hydro‘s and ours.

2018-03-06Arizona MD threatened with jail for refusing smeters

2018-03-07No Update

2018-03-08 – New Westminster’s new solar garden

2018-03-09 – Levels of microwave radiation believed to have increased by 70 times in LA in 40 years

2018- 03 -10 – Is 5G a scam to gain complete deregulation?

2018-03-11BC Hydro incident report with an exploded smeter

2018-03-12Phonegate data finally released.

2018-03-13No Update

2018-03-14 – Childhood cancers & autism increasing at same rate!

2018-03-15 – Russians attacking electrical grid !!

2018-03-16 – Michigan State Senator speaks out about dangers of RF

2018-03-17Fast, safe, healthy internet for coastal communities

2018-03-18 – Haida Gwaii homes, schools and hospitals to get wired internet via fiber optic cable

2018-03-19 – Ottawa announced hundreds of millions $$ for 5G development, $0 for health

2018-03-20 – Follow-up to Meter Failure Incident Report

2018-03-215G likely to use lower, more penetrating, dangerous frequencies

2018-03-22 – Partial results from 10 year Italian study of RF at “normal” levels –> increased cancer risk

2018-03-23New Mexico PUC hearings indicate testing responsibility left with ITRON with no or little independent oversight or confirmation

2018-03-24 – Judge in Pennsylvania acknowledges something about smeters is affecting health

2018-03-25 – Aggressive Brain Tumors increasing dramatically in UK

2018-03-26 – Dr. Pall “Wi-Fi is an important threat to human health.”

2018-03-27 – “smart” phones, smeters, wireless devices are heating the planet

2018-03-28 – National science panel links RF to cancer

2018-03-29 – How industry uses disinformation to sell their products. A great read.

2018-03-30 – Some gadgets “confuse” smeters –> higher readings

2018-03-31 – BC Hydro rates increase April 1

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