2018-07-01No Update

2018-07-02Turning your Wi-Fi off before going to bed, and other remediation tips

2018-07-03 – Many questions about BC Hydro — What is going on??

2018-07-04Smeters will be a major tool in IoT — getting and sharing our data, from homes and businesses.

2018-07-05 – The EU is trying to stifle results of Phonegate, and allow telecoms to hide testing results from the public

2018-07-06Health Canada is hiding research from Canadians

2018-07-07City in Oregon seeking relief from opt out fees for low-income residents

2018-07-08 – A public health warning re. 5G

2018-07-09 – Incidence of deadly brain cancer in UK doubled 1995-2015

2018-07-10 – New advances in solar, Alberta giving major rebates

2018-07-11 – Chertoff warns about cybersecurity threats

2018-07-12 – More on brain tumours, and another young victim.

2018-07-13ICNIRP asking for public comments on its draft of review of guidelines

2018-07-14 – More from Mark Hertsgaard and Mark Dowie about cell phones, cancer and industry

2018-07-15 – An excellent presentation to a Board of Health — could be useful.

2018-07-16Wireless devices use many times more energy than wired ones do. They are not green in any sense.

2018-07-17BC Human Rights Tribunal‘s shameful decision

2018-07-18Monsanto used tobacco’s tactics to hide evidence, just as the telecoms are.

2018-07-19Newsweek has article about cellphones and NTP study!!

2018-07-20Warning to Nurses about exposure to EMF at work

2018-07-21 – Free audio of presentation by Dr. Klinghardt, available until Monday AM

2018-07-22 – Global increase of 13% in childhood cancers

2018-07-23 – A transcript of Dr. Kilinghardt’s presentation re. 5G, cell phones, etc.

2018-07-24 – Russians hacked 100’s of US power companies/electrical grid.

2018-07-25 – Could there be electric panels in roads to recharge electric cars?

2018-07-26 – Electrical engineer — smeters lack surge protectors –> fire hazard

2018-07-27Dr. Martin Pall — what is being done to the body by EMF and how it’s being done.

2018-07-28“Smart” water meters in San Diego found to have problems, and not just billing ones.

2018-07-29 – Smeters –> billing problems

2018-07-30 – Ottawa finally taking notice of Huawei!!

2018-07-31 – A cell phone no longer sold in Canada due to excessive radiation.

Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation