Newsletters 2018-12 DEC

2018-12-01/02electromagnetic pulse warning from us military

2018-12-03 – US Senator presses FCC re. 5G safety.

2018-12-04 – Attorney General ignores ITRON’s illegal use of smart meters

2018-12-05 – Major warnings about Huawei and Privacy

2018-12-06 Cyber threats targeting homes

2018-12-07 – New study shows potential harm from milliwave exposure

2018-12-08 – Electrosmog and impact on planetary health

2018-12-09 –  Compare WHO RF limits with BioInitiative health effects

2018-12-10Smeter fires in Quebec being ignored

2018-12-11UN Declaration of Human Rights being ignored?

2018-12-12Ontario Labour Ministry — NTP and Ramazzini

2018-12-13 –  No Newsletter

2018-12-14Our data is so valuable.

2018-12-15 –  Potentially a dangerous precedent has been set with smeters and Hydro

2018-12-16   Are “bought” psychologists causing kids to become addicted?

2018-12-17 –  Green Party’s concern re. future generations

2018-12-18 – New report confirms microwave radiation a true carcinogen

2018-12-19   Reporter fired for expressing concern re. 5G

2018-12-205G network activated in several US cities.

2018-12-21 – Report highlights evidence EMR is carcinogenic.

2018-12-22Study shows brain damage from low levels of RF exposure from cell phones

2018-12-23 – Cybersecurity:   Chinese chips hidden on circuit boards

2018-12-24/25 No Newsletters.  Merry Christmas.

2018-12-26 – A reminder of John Horgan’s concerns about smeters before he became Premier

Update 2018-12-27 – In US some utilities allow analogs for solar as well as non-solar customers.

2018-12-28Cybersecurity attacks could take down an entire country

2018-12-29 –  More from Dr. Mercola re. EMR

2018-12-30 –  Wireless toys, gadgets RF warnings in manuals


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