2018-01-01 – In Baltimore, school VIPs given trips, fees, etc. by telecoms and then support Wi-Fi, etc.

2018-01-02 – An ITRON bid proposal allows us to see what BC Hydro refuses to provide

2018-01-03 – For FortisBC electrical customers — application for major rate changes

2018-01-04 – The Tyee offers many reasons to keep fighting Horgan’s Folly (Site C)

2018-01-05 – Many in the USA are still fighting smeters. We are not alone.

2018-01-06 – The money trail that explains why the Cancer Society says no evidence that RF radiation is harmful

2018-01-07 – Sierra Club condemns Site C decision

2018-01-08 – Some industry people feel guilt about the harm done by their products.

2018-01-09 – How many hundreds of microcells will be in each community, on each street?

2018-01-10 – Volunteers wanted to increase Wi-Fi in hospitals

2018-01-11 – We’ve lost a hero — Dr. Shiv Chopra, a Health Canada Whistleblower

2018-01-12Cell tower battle in USA –> excellent video by Dr. Anthony Miller

2018-01-13FCC’s guideline (like SC 6) is putting health and lives in jeopardy

2018-01-14 – Another large increase in the rate of autism in children — 1 in 36.

2018-01-15 – In California “small” cells are huge.

2018-01-16 – Homes are more flammable, yet must have fire hazard installed on wall.

2018-01-17Who owns the data gathered by smeters and other “smart” devices?

2018-01-18 – In Michigan a govt. committee listens to/welcomes complaints re utility forcing smeters on people

2018-01-19 – Industry finds 5G milliwaves go farther, penetrate better than first thought.

2018-01-20 – Testimony at Nova Scotia smeter hearing — utility misrepresenting costs, benefits and need for opt-out fee.

2018-01-21 – Cell phones –> brain cancers. Who’s tracking?

2018-01-22 – PLEASE READ — 5G is going to be MUCH WORSE THAN WE HAVE BEEN TOLD

2018-01-23Tsunami warnings only if you have a cell phone

2018-01-24Insurance industry pondering costs of a “cyber problem”

2018-01-25 – Is 5G being planned for small coastal communities plus ALL OF VANCOUVER ISLAND?

2018-01-26Wireless networks are a waste of money, only hard wired will meet future needs.

2018-01-27Legislative bill re. smeters in Oklahoma — a model to protect civil rights and health

2018-01-28 – VW Scandal shows how far industry will go to rig “scientific” results

2018-01-29 – Important letter from Dr. Om Gandhi

2018-01-30No Update

2018-01-31 – Stop Smart Meters Update

Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation