2017-05-01 – The truth about 5G and why Telus is putting fiber optic cable everywhere.

2017-05-02 – After years of smeters, PG&E sees no energy reduction

2017-05-03 – Perry Kendall, our health officer, says microwave radiation is safe.

2017-05-04 – Scientists are warning about brain tumors

2017-05-05 – At least 22 instances of potential smeter failures in last 6 months

2017-05-06Warning re ITRON smeters from ITRON

2017-05-07 – Small Cells / Microcells being used inside arenas, shopping malls

2017-05-08 – IoT technical problems include increased data storage– our data storage.

2017-05-09 – May 12 free online seminar re. EHS / MCS

2017-05-10 – A major report re. health risks quotes BC Centre for Disease Control

2017-05-11ITRON bought company specializing in “demand response”

2017-05-12 – MAJOR CYBER-ATTACK Hits at least 74 Countries

2017-05-13 – Yesterday’s hack was “child’s play” compared with what is coming.

2017-05-14 – Fire chief says brain cancer is “presumptive occupational disease for firefighters

2017-05-15 – Industry group calling for health-based precautions

2017-05-16 – New articles re. children added to the BioInitiative Report

2017-05-17 – Smeter used for reporting glucose readings

2017-05-18 – Water smeters emitting strong signals.

2017-05-19 – Time to revert to analog which is harder to hack.

2017-05-20 – California Public Health published watered down guidelines

2017-05-21 – Opposition re 5G / Microcells forced a delay for California law

2017-05-22 – More melanomas in Washington State near Puget Sound.  What about in BC?

2017-05-23 – A new type of tiny cell transmitter that can be hidden — and apparently without restrictions (in the USA).

2017-05-24 – Important letter from US scientist re. 5G and microcells / small cells.

2017-05-25 – An audio interview with Jerry Day about the dangers of smeters and going off the grid — free until 10am Friday.

2017-05-26 – Dr. Timothy Schoechle speaks about smeters being a scam by the utilities

2017-05-27 – New Canadian study reports 558 LIFETIME HOURS of cell phone use doubles risk of brain cancer.

2017-05-28 – Half of California energy now solar

2017-05-29 – ACLU hitting smeters as being surveillance devices

2017-05-30Time-of-use billing increases annual bills by $400 in Australia.

2017-05-31 – RF exposure –> wild fluctuations in diabetic’s readings





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