2016-11-01 & 02 – A chance to voice concerns about Health Canada

2016-11-03 & 04 – Flaw found in wireless ‘smart’ technology that makes hacking easy

2016-11-05 & 06 – BC Hydro claiming major reductions in power theft due to “$$mart” technology

2016-11-07 – Microcells are the new “$$meters”. Telus the new BC Hydro.

2016-11-08 – BC Hydro thugs intimidate homeowner and allow no choice re. transmitter-off meter

2016-11-09 – RF contributing to autism epidemic

2016-11-10 – Industry says smeter lifespan could be less than 5-10 years

2016-11-11 – Industry says $$mart things are vulnerable and security cannot be assured

2016-11-12 – A Teamster asks for Wi-Fi to be turned off in Las Vegas halls

2016-11-13 – The EU Ombudsman acknowledges telecom influence in fight to recognize EHS

2016-11-14 – Unidentified crews reported to be cutting power in Mission

2016-11-15 – Security companies increasing rates due to IoT, $$$mart devices.

2016-11-16 – New cars making people sick.

2016-11-17 – Legacy fees are discriminatory.

2016-11-18 – BC Hydro admits some “transmitter off” smeters were transmitting signals

2016-11-19 – BC Hydro says no one has been disconnected without warning

2016-11-20 – New Solar Roofs cheaper than normal roofs

2016-11-21 – Contractor heading toward Nakusp, New Denver/Silverton, Salmon Arm areas

2016-11-22 – More smeters fires, these in Illinois

2016-11-23 – AT Maintenance in Victoria, refusing to show complete ID.

2016-11-24 – Electrical Engineer finds ITRON smeter too dangerous to have on his home

2016-11-25 – A video to explain microcells.

2016-11-26 – A very sad report about a 10 year old with brain tumors

2016-11-27 – Insurer says smeter fire will result in 15-20% increase in premiums

2016-11-28 – US companies want to eliminate landlines, forcing everyone to get cell phones

2016-11-29 – Legacy meters available on Salt Spring. Where else??

2016-11-30 – Pets are reacting to and suffering from smeters and other wireless devices.


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