RF Rad

RF Rad = Radio Frequency Radiation (see links below)

Forty or so years ago, the RF Rad was only the radio stations (AM and FM) and Radar.  There were  no WiFi routers in every store and coffee shop,  WiMax,  no Cell Phones and their towers and certainly no WiFi computers, phones, iPads and the various tablets.

The proponents of these wireless devices considered that the only danger from this RF Rad was due to the heating effect.  In fact, one of the current standards in Canada and the US, is based on the heating effect of a microwave beam aimed at a plastice head filled with water.  The upper limit of RF Rad was the amount of radiation that would heat up the “head” 1 degree C in 6 minutes.  The folks in standards considered this too high and set the limit about 100 times less.

This standard is based only on the heating effect.  The standard did not take into consideration any other impact of the RF Rad on the brain or other tissues of the human body.

There have been many studies that have demonstrated that there are real and repeatable effects at RF RAD levels more than a million times less than the current standards.

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More info: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/safety-code-6-sc6/

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BioInitiative 2012 (Report updated 2014-2020):
– https://bioinitiative.org/wp-content/uploads/pdfs/BioInitiativeReport-RF-Color-Charts.pdf




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