2016-02-01 – Warning of EMP attack on grid.

2016-02-02 – ITRON & Hydro — new smart meter using 4G LTE

2016-02-03 – Surveillance via web-connected home appliances

2016-02-04 – TED Talk about EHS

2016-02-05 – US states have pending bills to allow opt outs without fees

2016-02-06 – Ont. Energy Board demands more customer data from Smart meters

2016-02-07 – Center for Ethics at Harvard explains why wireless is being allowed to proliferate

2016-02-08 – US insurers considering refusing to cover smart meters!!

2016-02-09 – US Intelligence Chief — smart meters enable surveillance

2016-02-10 – GE is celebrating all of our data they will be getting

2016-02-11  – Hacking via a “$$mart” air conditioner

2016-02-12 – Teacher compares Wi-Fi with concussion

2016-02-13 – Paris Conference sees EHS as major health concern

2016-02-14 – Duke Energy in North Carolina can find analogs, why can’t BC Hydro and FortisBC?

2016-02-15 – $$meters exchanged due to moisture

2016-02-16 – New Fire Safety Act

2016-02-17 – BC municipality going solar to avoid BC Hydro rate increases

2016-02-18 – BC Hydro “replacing” analogs after 3-4 months!!

2016-02-19 – A teacher fired and a reporter could be for speaking out about Wi-Fi.

2016-02-20 – SMART METERS SUCK! A tribute to resisters.

2016-02-21 – The potential threat from “smart” appliances

2016-02-22 – Industry white paper on how appliances will be $$mart

2016-02-23 – Cisco (make of the $$mart collectors) thinks BC Hydro’s program is a $ucce$$

2016-02-24 – More on moisture in $$meters

2016-02-25 – A second formal complaint re. health effects before a US utility board

2016-02-26 – Please circulate press release re. UL standards being inadequate

2016-02-27 – A major study showing EMFs can enhance cancer effects

2016-02-28 – An important update on the Naval RF warfare games over Olympic Peninsula (and southern BC)

2016-02-29 – EU has privacy and data priorities re. “smart” things

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