Letter – Jerry Flynn to BC Premier Christy Clark

Dear Premier Clark,
As the parent of a young son, are you not aware that:
- 54 scientists from 20 countries, warned all countries in 2012 about the dangers of Smart Meters and other wireless devices operating on similar frequencies? 
- the Council of Europe (47 countries, 800-million people), in 2013,urged all its member states to ban Wi-Fi and cell phones in all schools?
- Major insurance companies will NOT INSURE against illnesses caused by non-thermal radiation - which is the kind of radiation emitted by Smart Meters, baby monitors, Wi-Fi etc.? 
- BC's Provincial Medical Officer, Dr. Perry Kendall, is derelict in his duty because he refuses to recognize non-thermal radiation, which
non-industry funded scientists know that baby monitors, Smart meters, cell phones, Wi-Fi routers etc. all emit. Consequently every person in this province - including you and your son - is at risk because Dr. Kendall will not impose the "Precautionary Principle" - which even Korea has done! 
If you didn't know the above, someone in your administration is deliberately keeping you in the dark. As a parent, you should know this. 

As the premier,you absolutely MUST know it! Please see the attached, which is related.
Jerry Flynn

4 thoughts on “Letter – Jerry Flynn to BC Premier Christy Clark”

  1. a respect to that enemy, she is not a premier she is an enemy destroying our health slowly.

  2. This is an outrage! I have 2 smart meters on my property, and now that I know the risks, BC Hydro flatly and repeatedly refuses to remove them, and worse, to heed my request for a radio off meter, which the smart meters on our property are capable of doing. This is frequency warfare on the citizens of Canada, and everywhere else, should be highly illegal!

  3. Hi

    Thanks for what you do. I am in Surrey, BC

    Has your organizing compiled a detailed financial analysis of smart meters?

    Topics Like:

    Reliability – so cost to maintain/frequently replace vs traditional meters?

    Energy payback – actual savings vs the cost of the smart meters – in absolute dollars and in financial terms like payback or ROI

    Seems to me financial mis-management of a public asset or public service is the way to attack this public rip off?

    Health issues, or fire safety, are too nebulous to prove (not saying they are not real, just hard to prove, and people just don’t get it). As “they” control the stats, and “they” control the PR. Where as financial mis-management is a serious charge.

    If you have these studies, I would appreciate being copied on them. (if you can). Or I strong suggest this is the way to focus the issue.


  4. The smart grid itself which operates in the 900 MHz emitts a continuous signal to the smart meters, this signal is carried to your house or apartment’s wiring and has huge biological consequences pertaining to the body’s DNA, the bio electrical functioning of the body’s organ’s, causing failure and death. STOP SMART METERS AND THE LETHAL PLC SIGNALLING DEVICES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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