Health and Freedom of Choice

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Every family should have the right to protect themselves in their own home, but the BC Liberal Government passed the Clean Energy Act ( removing our democratic and human rights to choose the risks we will sustain within our own homes.

BC Hydro and FortisBC smart meters – emitting microwave radiofrequency radiation continuously day and night – are being forced upon us without choice. This is the first time in history that a World Health Organization Class 2B possible human carcinogen risk is being forced on every family in British Columbia. And for those who point the finger at cell phones close to the head as being the only risk, it remains that this risk is listed in the WHO 2B classifications as Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields, a broad classification which includes cell phones but is not limited thereto. The fact that this environmental poison is everywhere is not evidence nor guarantee of safety.

And it is not just cancer that is of concern. A growing percentage of the people in British Columbia have developed  EHS  = electrohypersensitivity and suffer from uncomfortable and even disabling physical reactions from involuntary exposure to wireless devices. The numbers of people struggling with electrohypersensitivity are increasing worldwide just as more wireless infrastructure is rolled out in our communities.

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Symptoms of EHS (see photos above).  Electrohypersensitivity is recognized by the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

No agency is protecting people from this risk, and misdiagnosis is rampant even though the Parliament Health & Safety Committee recommended that electrohypersensitivity be studied and there be a reporting system for those suffering from wireless exposure.

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Attaching a continuously radiating device which communicates with a smart grid system onto people’s homes will guarantee more people becoming ill for no apparent reason, and for some people, their homes will become unlivable due to the severity of their reactions. Further, those people with medical devices and implants are not being warned that the wireless signal could disrupt function.

And what about other long-term risks from microwave radiofrequency radiation just emerging, such as infertility problems, risks to pregnant mothers, changes in brain function and increase in learning disorders in children who were exposed in utero? The potential damage to our young and future generations is unacceptable.

Smart Meters using wireless technology to communicate with an exterior smart grid is just the beginning. Then it will be changeout of appliances in favour of radiofrequency ones, so that they can be remotely controlled by the utility or homeowner through a Wi-Fi / ZigBee home area network [HAN] emanating from the Smart Meter. No doubt penalties and rewards will be used in a concerted attempt to force “smart” appliances into all our homes.


2 thoughts on “Health and Freedom of Choice”

  1. We have resisted getting smart meter all these years, registering and paying the additional fees. Last week while we were away they put one on our house even though there was a sign. Can you direct us as to how to proceed to get it removed?

    THank you!!

    1. I live in Ontario – and I have EHS which causes headaches, discomfort and constant buzzing due to EMF’s. Before moving to a house that had, unfortunately, a ‘smart meter’. I contacted my Hydro Company and they told me that I needed a doctor’s note specifying that I am sensitive to Radio Frequencies. It took a while and I had to fight for it (I was not giving up), but they switched the existing ‘smart’ (don’t know what is smart about these and other so-called devices) meter to a supposedly safer one. Don’t Give Up and Don’t Settle — we have to stand up for our health and the Truth about this harmful technology. Only then, when enough people come together with the same goal – will things change.

      If anyone knows of help and/or support for this health issue, please let me know – I would love to talk to someone who understands. Thank you,

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