2017-11-01 – We need independent review of smeter program, just like the one done for Site C

2017-11-02 – We may have to go around the NDP, to the Greens, for help with the smeter program.

2017-11-03 – Gov. General Payette wants to shut down bogus “science”.

2017-11-04BCUC recommending time-of-use billing to reduce energy usage if Site C is stopped.

2017-11-05 – Lots of interesting articles sent in by members

2017-11-06 – University reports no cost benefits from smeters, high risk of hacking

2017-11-07Comments on the Fire Report from BC Hydro & Len Garis

2017-11-08 – NDP freezing BC Hydro rates during in-depth review of Hydro

2017-11-09 – Please help to educate The Green Party re. smeters.

2017-11-10 – 15 year study re disappearance of birds and insects from a pristine area after cell towers came.

2017-11-11 –  Great list of articles for sharing (from TheGreenGazette magazine)

2017-11-12Analogs are still being made, brand new ones available

2017-11-13 – New info re. ways our exposure to environmental toxins can affect future generations.

2017-11-14 – Relationship between microwave radiation and Alzheimer’s/dementia

2017-11-15 – The benefits of fiber optic cable

2017-11-16 – Some in California wonder if smeters contributed to recent major fires

2017-11- 17 – In California several lawsuits claiming smeters caused fires.

2017-11-18 – In Massachusetts a bent tobacco scientist hired to say RF from smeters is fine

2017-11-19Shaw plans on blanketing Maple Ridge with WiFi hotspots. Comments needed by Nov. 22.

2017-11-20 – Are honey bees doomed?

2017-11-21Tobacco industry forced to tell truth about its deadly product. When will the telecoms?

2017-11-22 – Any evidence of more US Navy activity?

2017-11-23 – Another industry that has hidden evidence of harm

2017-11-24 – Time to tell Attorney General how Direction No. 4 (smeter opt out) has affected you.

2017-11-25 – The dark side of blue light from your computer, etc.

2017-11-26 – Information for your dentist re. EMR

2017-11-27 – (50) pages of complaints about higher bills after being smetered

2017-11-28 – The US Navy has started its EMR war games

2017-11-29Fiber optic cable is the technology for the future.

2017-11-30 – Devra Davis — is 5G the next asbestos??

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