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  1. Sign me up !!
    This is gone to far with the Crusty Clark (lessons from Clinton/oboo) .

    Update 2016-10-20 Disconnections taking place on Vancouver Island

    1) Disconnections by BC Hydro surrogate are taking place on Vancouver Island. The people are paid up on legacy fees. Can anyone who has suffered this, or knows of anyone who has, give me info re. advance notice, etc? Please send to: with “disconnections” on the subject line

    “Disconnections reported as taking place in the Cowichan Valley and in Cobble Hill since the beginning of last week.

    The disconnects are not done by BCH directly.

    The disconnection work is carried out by a sub contractor named Brian Stevens, who is gratuitously aggressive and unpleasant, which can be intimidating if those targeted are not fully prepared in advance.

    His company name is on the side of the large white bucket/cherry picker truck.

    A crew of three disconnects homes, either at the transformer on private poles on rural properties or, in one instance where the owner was at home and the dog prevented further approach, they disconnected the home by cutting four wires out at the public pole on the road:

    Steven’s company name: A T Maintenance Plus

    Located in Nanaimo.

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