Newsletters 2018-06 JUN

2018-06-01 – Dr. Magda Havas warns BC Hydro not to build substation under a school

2018-06-02 – Is USA electromagnetic warfare intruding into BC?

2018-06-03 – BC Hydro aims to limit solar power — why?

2018-06-04 – In USA, pilot project for “smart” highway, wireless gone mad.

2018-06-05 – A report on the state of cybersecurity in the USAwhat happens when the grid is attacked.

2018-06-06 – No place to escape Wi-Fi on ferry, woman travels in dog area.

2018-06-07 – Interview with Dr. Arazi re. phonegate, more phones recalled, and NTP

2018-06-08“Sonic” sickness in US consulate in China?

2018-06-09 – “Smart” cars could cause problems for “smart” cities

2018-06-10 – 36-year old with cancerous neck tumor blames cell phone

2018-06-11 – Will nothing change re EMR until the health care costs exceed the financial benefits to the government?

2018-06-12No Update

2018-06-13 – A retired MP is another glioblastoma victim

2018-06-14No Update

2018-06-15 – We have lost a wonderful friend.  [Dr. Martin Blank]

2018-06-16No Update

2018-06-17No Update

2018-06-18No Update

2018-06-19BC Hydro mandating “fee” for a crisis fund

2018-06-20BC Hydro continues push for substation under school in Vancouver.

2018-06-21 – Dr. Magda Havas re. BC Hydro’s substation

2018-06-22SaskPower still has found no smeter that meets their standards

2018-06-23School district being sued for allowing cell towers

2018-06-24Telus partners for 5G with company accused of espionage

2018-06-25Suicide clusters related to EMR??

2018-06-26 – Vancouver school board allows BC Hydro’s substation

2018-06-27 – Russian cyberattacks on US infrastructure

2018-06-28 – US Supreme Court overrules Berkeley’s cell phone case.

2018-06-29 – A new, relatively inexpensive RF meter

2018-06-30 – 5G hindered in Switzerland by strict RF emissions guidelines



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