2016-12-01 – Hacking and cyberattacks on the increase

2016-12-02 – US Navy report on electromagnetic warfare – 600% increase in low level flights

2016-12-03 – PG&E in California allows customers to keep analog meters permanently.

2016-12-04 – Time to hold Bennett and Clark accountable and demand change to Clean Energy Act.

2016-12-05 – How to make your own smeter cover

2016-12-06 – US Navy EMR War Games are heating up and few people in BC know about it.

2016-12-07 – Digital meter installed on Salt Spring, and BC Hydro cuts power despite cold weather.

2016-12-08 – Charges of conflicts of interests, cover-ups in major regulatory groups

2016-12-09 – New study shows smeters increase greenhouse gases

2016-12-10 – EHS now recognized as a disability in Spain

2016-12-11 – Patent approved for a more versatile smeter.

2016-12-12 – AT Maintenance in Victoria installing smeters

2016-12-13 – A major paper with evidence previously hidden that proves RF is dangerous

2016-12-14 – Another agency that can’t help us — Consumer Protection Agency

2016-12-15 – Testimony from Electrical Engineer — ITRON dangerous

2016-12-16BC Hydro has a winter disconnect policy!!

2016-12-17 – Vehicle to Vehicle communication via radar, etc.

2016-12-18 – How corporate lies become the truth

2016-12-19 – Trouble with appliance after smeter installed.

2016-12-20 – Even the IEEE acknowledges harm from Wi-Fi. Why won’t Kendall?

2016-12-21 – Brain changes in children addicted to iPads, etc.

2016-12-22 – Expert calls smeters’ risk to health inexcusable.

2016-12-23 – BC Hydro financial reports revealed by a private citizen

2016-12-24 – Warm Holiday Wishes

2016-12-25 – New Israeli invention that reduces magnetic fields

2016-12-26 – 10 year old dies of cardiac arrest on plane

2016-12-27 – Another tragedy — 3 year old with liver cancer.

2016-12-28 – Judge in Illinois agrees smeters can capture details of behaviour

2016-12-29 – Hackers can get control of smeters, get specific data, take control of “$mart” devices

2016-12-30 – Russia hacked into Vermont electrical grid

2016-12-31 – HAPPY NEW YEAR



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