EHS – Electro Hypersensitive = Microwave Radiation Sickness

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EHS / ES Aware Doctors:
If you have info that others could benefit from knowing, please email to me at: with “Doctors with Safer Offices” on the subject line.
If your doctor still isn’t aware of the problem, there is a Doctor’s Package at:
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EHS & Health Action Kit:
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Saanichton, BC – Dr. Misty Watson, Island Family Chiropractic (250-652-9350) She understands EHS.  I would say she has recently become aware of the problem and, in a general body health area, has a way that should alleviate the symptoms.  Her office still has some Wi-Fi but she is in the process of getting it hardwired.

Salt Spring Island, BC – Green Raven Centre (250-537-0602) (wireless- and smart meter-free) – Acupuncturist, Homeopathist, Massage Therapist & Osteopath

Valemount, BC – Dr. Ray Markham, Valemount Health Centre (250-566-9138) He is often out of town and extremely busy when in. He will fill out any government forms if one is applying for disability. Not afraid of repercussions.

Victoria, BC – Dr. D. Massel, General  Cardiologist, Western Cardiology Associates (250-595-1551)
(Very personable. He’s not dismissive of sensitivies around wireless technologies or Lyme related cardiac issues. He admits when he doesn’t know enough and lacks arrogance.)
Dr. Ken Yvorchuk, Echocardiography, Western Cardiology Associates (250-595-1551)
(An EHS family goes to this doctor.)


Ontario – has released an interim report July 2017 “that recommends improving the understanding and recognition of environmental health conditions such as myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and environmental sensitivities/multiple chemical sensitivity.” It focuses on education, research and care for those suffering from these little understood environmental conditions. It is 58 pages – Improving Care for People Living with Environmental Health Conditions –
Release of Interim Report Looks at Hard-to-Diagnose Conditions: The Bulletin:
Interim Report:

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EHS Experts:

Professor Belpomme, Paris Descartes University, Paris, France
Dr. Riina Bray, Environmental Health Specialist, Women’s College Hospital, Toronto, Ontario
Stephen J. Genuis, University of Alberta, Edmonton
Dr. Magda Havas, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario
Dr. Olle Johansson, Solna, Sweden
Christopher T. Lipp, University of Calgary, Alberta
Dr. Gerd Oberfeld, Salzburg, Austria

Dr. Riina BrayEHS Slide presentation in Montreal  &

Lucy Sanford

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity: Fact or fiction? by Stephen J. Genuis/Christopher T. Lipp – University of Alberta/Faculty of Medicine-University of Calgary – Science of the Total Environment – November 2011:

– Letter by Frank Clegg, CEO, C4ST to Hon. Carla Qualtrough re Consultations on accessibility legislation regarding the proposed Canadians with Disabilities Act [EHS] – February 28, 2017:


– “What is an EMR refugee?


– Dr. Gunnar Heuser [] – – April 2018    &    &

– Michael Bevington of Electrosensitivity UK has shared 146 pages of info., studies, reports, data including fabulous references that pertain to various biological and health effects in addition to EHS. This is a great resource document:  Selected Studies on Electrosensitivity (ES) and Electromagnetic Hyper-sensitivity (EHS) – March 26, 2018 –



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Electro-Magnetic Radiation V_Log

Electrosensitive Society


EPIC Electromagnetic Pollution Illnesses Canada FOUNDATION

Physicians for Safe Technology – Electrosensitivity Science –

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Wi-Fi-free Businesses:

Gulf Islands & Vancouver Island, BC – If you know of any, would you please email the name and address to:  If someone else in other areas would like to do this, too, please email to me at: with “Wi-Fi-free Businesses” on the subject line.

Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation