2018-09-01 – Another smeter fire, this time in Washington.

2018-09-02 – More about microwaving embassy personnel

2018-09-03 – A review of work by Russian and Ukrainian researchers, on EMF, including milliwaves

2018-09-04ICNIRP doesn’t believe NTP and Ramazzini studies are convincing

2018-09-05 – RF/EMF and fertility

2018-09-06 – Action to help get attention at UBCM Convention next week

2018-09-07 – Smeter should not be near gas meter

2018-09-08Dr. Bonnie Henry, like Kendall before her, is ignoring information and requests for meetings.

2018-09-09No Update

2018-09-10 – Dr. Beatrice A. Golomb’s Full Report on Diplomats’ Mystery Illness

2018-09-11No Update

2018-09-12BC Hydro caught “misleading“, again

2018-09-13 – Vancouver School District allowing BC Hydro to build substation under school & daycare centre

2018-09-14 – Could explosions and fires in Massachusetts involve smeters??

2018-09-15 – You can see “Generation Zapped” for free

2018-09-16 – Americans for Responsible Technology hit Washington DC re. 5G

2018-09-17 – Videos from the UK Conference on Children and Cancer

2018-09-18 – USA Mayors threatening to sue FCC over 5G

2018-09-19 – Dr. Kostoff on Automotive Radar

2018-09-20UBC to get 5G network

2018-09-21ITRON admits the reasons for smeters

2018-09-22 – Is ITRON’s plan to use smeters for other purposes legal?

2018-09-23 – An interview with Lloyd Morgan.

2018-09-24 – TIME SENSITIVE — Excellent Interview available until 7 AM PT  (Paul Héroux)

2018-09-25Jerry Flynn published a book

2018-09-27 – Lloyd Burrell Interview with veteran EMF expert Michael Neuert

2018-09-27(a) – Dr. Morgan‘s & Dr. Héroux‘s interviews (videos)

2018-09-28 – CBC — Smart devices make homes vulnerable.

2018-09-29 – Time sensitive: EMF summit videos free until Sunday midnight EDT

2018-09-305G service available in several USA cities

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