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  1. I require advise re: Meter replacement. As of today, May 4th 2015, I still have my original analogue meter and have sent many refusal letters to BCHydro over the last 3 years. They are very persistent in replacing my meter and the last letter and a phone call said I have an obstruction around it which is a simple piece of wood that frames it. They want me to remove it or widen the circle to allow for the meter they intend on replacing it with. As of their March 13 letter they said that they will exchange it for another legacy meter. I am hesitant to do this. Could you please advise. Thank you!

    1. In same boat , but know saying my legacy meter has expired , and they no longer have “new” old stock of legacy meters ,and my only option is a smart meter did you ever get help with your answer?

  2. I am also in this process. Is there any info on people actually having their analogue meters replaced with another analogue meter by BC Hydro? I would really appreciate some updated info on this as the installer is to be calling in about two weeks to set up a time to show up with a replacement meter. An analogue if still in stock or a digital (which I don’t want)!

  3. They’ve been charging me a “legacy fee” for over 2 years. I’ve given them permission to change it, as have my landlords. They complained they were inaccessible so my landlord built a platform for them to use. They still didn’t do it, but last week, I had a disconnect notice for an unpaid bill. They had no problem climbing a ladder to shut me off. I’m trying to find out if I have any options or if I just have to take it. I don’t really know who to talk to about it. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you

  4. Today I was threatened and told that if I did not comply and have my meter changed that they would disconnect my hydro. Since when can a corporation use intimidation and bullying to get what they need? I have made it clear i did not want to switch yet they are still trying to force me by threats, they say they can do this as the Government passed a bill allowing them this right! We now have a dictatorship running our province, I feel we have no voice left.

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