2017-01-01 – Why is the Cancer Agency’s website misinforming the public about cell phones, etc?

2017-01-02 – Microcells – time to raise issue with all levels of government

2017-01-03 – Information about “the hum” that many people hear and dread.

2017-01-04 – Another failed smeter.

2017-01-05 – What is going on in airplanes?

2017-01-06 – “Odd installers” in Qualicum Beach

2017-01-07 – Nothing but letters

2017-01-08 – New French law requires employees be informed about RF exposure

2017-01-09 – Another twisted scientist

2017-01-10 – 75% of cell phones in USA could emit more RF than max. allowed. No one is monitoring

2017-01-11 – Industry admits smeters have exploded and are threats to our privacy and security

2017-01-12 – Bumblebee put on endangered list.

2017-01-13 – Another smeter fire in Ontario  

2017-01-14 – On Facebook, others in Ontario report fires

2017-01-15 – Is the Health dept. of BC deliberately ignoring the science re. microwave radiation?

2017-01-16 – Microcells bypass municipal and citizens’ rights to consultation and notification

2017-01-17 – Brain tumours increasing in 15-39 age group in USA (& probably Canada)

2017-01-18  – Important info about how 3rd parties could/will get your personal information

2017-01-19 – More on data sharing and an excellent letter from a doctor re. EHS

2017-01-20 – Electrical engineer presenting dangers of ITRON smeters

2017-01-21 – Report on dangers of cordless (DECT) phones.


2017-01-23  – Rogue Scientists within your own Ministry are Lying to you!  by Jerry Flynn

2017-01-24 – Push at the International Criminal Court to declare those causing harm guilty of Health Crimes

2017-01-25  – BC Hydro proposed substations under schools– public meetings begin Feb. 1

2017-01-26 – Chilliwack faced with 8 new cell towers

2017-01-27 – We all need to learn to use social media to spread the word.

2017-01-28 – A power surge and smeters burned and exploded off homes. 

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