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We communicate by LETTERS to ensure that there is a record of what  was said and what was not said.

Most letters are currently sent by eMail and occasionally by Canada Post Registered to be able to prove that the letter was received.

Most of the letters on this site are those from the public who are customers of BC Hydro  or Fortis BC.

These letters/eMails list the many ways in which the customers are having their rights trampled on by BC Hydro and Fortis BC employees aided by the BC Liberal Government headed by Premier Christy Clark.

Most of the letters complain about the following:

– Health damaged by Smart Meters being installed close to the bedrooms or living quarters

– Smart Meters installed over the objections of the home owner or renters

– Lies told to the home owner concerning the possible health effects of the Smart Meter.  The employees of BC Hydro and Fortis BC say that there are NO health concerns because the Smart Meters produce RF Radiation at levels below the standard Safety Code 6 which has been supported by Health Canada.

– Using Smart Meters which measure the power usage more accurately than the legacy Analog meters and not telling the consumers that this will in most cases measure MORE usage for exactly the same load.  This is an unauthorized and secret rate increase disguised as increased power usage by the consumer.

And then there are letters from citizens to the various people in the government and BC Hydro and Fortis BC explaining to them what the real facts are about the Smart Meters.  However, it seems that the government and the power utility companies are so committed to this SMART METER fraud that they cannot back out now because of the huge losses that will result:  class action lawsuits,  criminal trials,  you name it.

In short, the LETTERS/eMAILS are very interesting reading.  The people are beginning to wake up and see what is REALLY going on.

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  1. Hello all,

    Concerning a letter to BC Hydro that I am sending out today, I am cc’ing the Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in BC here in this channel , in order to request further direction/info/tips on how to wisely position my self in this challenge against BC Hydro. I welcome all comments.

    “September 2, 2014

    BC Hydro Accounts and Billing Department
    6911 Southpoint Drive
    Burnaby, B.C.
    V3N 4X8

    Dear BC Hydro,
    Since late 2013 I have maintained my position of refusing to allow a “smart meter” to be installed at the above residential address, and starting with the billing date of January 14, 2014, to refuse to pay the “legacy meter” charges. My reasons are several, primarily the lack of viable choices to the hydro consumer, the lack of transparency, and lack of consultation prior to province-wide conversion to “smart meters”. Not to mention the possible health issues which continue to be contentious, and are therefore held – in many learned persons opinion – to be inconclusive at this current point in time.
    These accrued and disputed charges also have associated GST amounts, as well as “late payment” fees and their GST portions, which are therefore also disputed. It is important to note here that I have paid the undisputed components of my hydro bill on time for these recent time periods, going back to late 2013.
    I have been keeping meticulous records of these accumulated disputed charges, and can make them available for reconciliation if BC Hydro requests.
    Earlier this year I joined the class action lawsuit “Nomi Davis and Jessica Klein versus BC Hydro”, and will continue to position myself and my home to protect my consumer rights and my family’s health.
    However, I now find myself having been “backed into a corner” so-to-speak: recently, I have received letters from BC Hydro stating:
    a) my account has an overdue amount of $172.02
    b) that if a BC Hydro account becomes “disconnected”, that upon reconnection a smart-meter will be installed with no choice to that consumer.
    It is obvious that a continuing unpaid overdue amount will sooner or later lead to a disconnection notice, so it is with this new information that I write this letter. Based on the above two points, I now find myself in a state of duress concerning my conscientious refusal to pay the above-stated “disputed charges”, as my options for choices as a hydro consumer have strategically been stripped away to almost zero by BC Hydro as the monopoly vendor of hydroelectric power in BC.
    As this overdue amount is due two days from today on September 4 2014, I am giving formal notice with this letter to BC Hydro that I will be paying – on time on September 4 – the overdue amount of $172.02 plus the current undisputed amount of $107.84, based on the BC Hydro bill dated August 13, 2014. It is important to restate here that I am paying this amount of the disputed charges under duress as they are now being termed “overdue”.
    If in the future the class-action lawsuit Nomi Davis vs BC Hydro yields a court’s verdict that these disputed charges regarding “legacy meter charges” and the associated tax and “late payment” fees are unconstitutional or unfair or inappropriate and therefore invalid, I expect to be reimbursed in full with fair interest for all of the aforementioned disputed charges.
    I am also requesting, for my records, a formal response in writing of your office’s receipt of this letter.
    Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

    Gord Johnson

    Cc via mail: Greg Reimer, Executive VP Transmission & Distribution
    Cc hand-delivered: BC Hydro Nanaimo office
    Cc: Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in BC website”

  2. In light of the recent letter sent out to me from B.C. Hydro dated Mar 14/2016. I then wrote them back this letter after a very rude phone call from them in which it made me so mad I hung up.

    April 27/2016

    Dear B.C.Hydro;

    I write this letter to inform you that I have joined the class action lawsuit between B.C. Hydro and Nomi Davis & Jessica Klien.

    “Their objections are the basis for the class-action lawsuit, which will allege that: — they’ve lost their charter right of personal choice and the autonomy to refuse the meter — there was no democratic process, debate in the provincial legislature or oversight by the BC Utilities Commission in granting Hydro the authority to install the meters — electricity is a basic necessity of life and they have little or no option but to submit to Hydro’s terms — and in a news release in July 2013 announcing Hydro’s “Meter Choices Program”, Energy and Mines Minister Bill Bennett said, “nobody will be forced to take a smart meter” and yet 96 percent of the utility company’s customers have not been offered the choice of an opt-out.

    From the first day B.C. Hydro sent me a letter saying you wanted to install a smart meter at:

    1802 Lee Creek Drive
    Lee Creek, B.C.
    Acct# 7611908

    I have from day one asked you about the health effects and the CSA approval of the smart meter you want to replace my analog meter with. To this day and from the first day of my refusal of the smart meter I have inquired for an answer on the possible health risk there might be associated with high rate of radio transmitted frequencies that come from the smart meter. So far B.C. Hydro has not even addressed or even answered any of my concerns. So you gave me no choice or choices but to refuse the smart meter and join the class action lawsuit. I realize that the old analog meter is overdue to be checked for its calibration and make sure it is still accurate. And I realize it is your job to check my meter and make sure it is not malfunctioning and it is accurate.

    And B.C. Hydro has 2 possible ways it can to do this:

    1. You can make an appointment with me to replace my old out dated analog meter with a new analog meter, exactly the same as my old analog meter. I know you have them.


    2. Wait until the class action lawsuit is settled and then make an appointment with me to change my meter.

    Either way I am open to the 2 options I have laid out, please let me know which 1 of the 2 options you choose.

    Jon Lutjen.

  3. I just came home to discover that a smart meter had been installed at my residence while I was at work (I did not even receive any notification about this, before or after the occurrence, much less an opportunity to – once again – object); the way I discovered that it’s been done is that my power had obviously gone out & been reinstated, & since it’s not stormy I thought it would be prudent to check since I knew the installation involves restarting one’s power).

    I not only have continually opted to keep my analog meter when given the choice (in spite of the cost, & I’m on income assistance), but joined the class-action lawsuit some time ago, & sent Hydro the objection email you’d recommended in response to their notification that they intended to eventually replace my expiring meter & analogs are no longer available.

    What do I do at this point? Do you have a form letter I can use to formally express my official objection, & an email address for the correct official to send it to, regarding a “Smart Meter [having been) installed over the objections of the home owner/renter”?

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