Newsletters 2016-01 JAN

2016-01-02 – Tests done by Electric Power Research Institute show smeters fail many tests, and billing is “pretty accurate”

2016-01-03 – North American Smart meter program slowing down, without federal funds….

2016-01-04 – New technology, everything will be wireless

2016-01-05 – Michigan considering ultimate tactic — loss of essential service (water)

2016-01-06 – Cyberattack blamed for major blackout in Ukraine

2016-01-07 – Stratford, Ont. has been made into a “wired” city

2016-01-08 – We need representation re. Hydro’s application

2016-01-09  –  Please sign citizen statement to European Commission ASAP

2016-01-10 – A press release re. LOON Project. I hope you’ll share.

2016-01-11 – Iranians capable of hacking into power grid

2016-01-12 – Ontario’s Hydro One admits many Smart meters can’t function

2016-01-13 – More lies by ITRON and Hydro — this about the lithium battery

2016-01-14 – NDP hits Hydro for misleading business plan for Smart Meters

2016-01-15 – Reimer’s response to Dix’s charges

2016-01-16 – Recent study finds people want their homes to remain private, without invasion by technology

2016-01-17 – Is a cyberattack on the power grid next?

2016-01-18 – BC Hydro to remove 88,000 faulty smart meters

2016-01-19 – FortisBC wants to implement Time-of-Use billing.

2016-01-20 – Is Smart Meter program a boon or boondoggle??

2016-01-21  – CBC BC Almanac asks “Smeters, are they worth the cost” on Friday, 12-1

2016-01-22 – Dix is speaking out — letter to BC Hydro, on CBC

2016-01-23 – Question if smart meter is deliberately running fast

2016-01-24 – Federal government questionnaire re broadband internet

2016-01-25 – Scientists raise concerns with US Dept. of Education

2016-01-26 – How to tell if your smeter is running fast

2016-01-27 – Why Smart meters deployed without public input or transparency

2016-01-28 – Court rules Berkeley can require advisory re. cell phones at point of sale.

2016-01-29 – A claim allowed in Penn. re. smart meter making woman ill

2016-01-30 – Parents urging schools and libraries to get wired internet.

2016-01-31 – Smeter program promoted as necessary for Paris Agreement

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