Here are some suggestions and websites that we have gathered to help you go off the grid and be independent from electrical utilities.

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BC Hydro Net Metering Program

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(video) Testing a Solar Inverter for Dirty Electricity Output by Windheim EMF Solutions – YouTube – July 01, 2017:
(Many people are considering escaping BC Hydro by installing solar panels. Here is some info about the inverters and the Dirty Electricity that is produced. This is sent from someone in California.)
“Before you invest in a solar electric system it is vital that you determine if it produces dirty electricity (DE). Ask your solar contractor to allow you to test the exact same type of inverter in this manner before you sign any contract.
If your solar inverter created DE it is foolish to believe that you will be saving money over the long run as the cost of health damage to building occupants may far exceed any utility bill reductions.
Beware that each make or model of inverter must be tested and that there is a huge variation in DE output from one to the next.
Do you own homework and demand a test before your sign.
PS: Most inverters pass FCC and ANSI standards but that means nothing relative to DE production.
Eric Windheim BA, EMRS, BBEC
Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist
Certified Building Biology Environmental Consultant”

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What Falls from the Sky – How I Disconnected From the Internet and Reconnected With the God Who Made the Clouds” by Esther Emery
(….If you’re wondering if I’m related to the book author Carla Emery, who wrote the homesteading and self-sufficiency classic “The Encyclopedia of Country Living,” I sure am. I am her youngest daughter. More on that is here….)
(video 05:06) Mountain Dream Home #1 – Breaking Ground by Fouch-o-matic Off Grid – YouTube – July 29, 2015:

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Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation