Smart Meter Fires – 2015

Here are some recent photographs of burned and damaged Smart meters.  Some of these damaged Smart Meters did not cause damage to the home but there are many that have.
Meter 3a


Meter 1a


Meter 2a, b, c – Itron Smart Meter






Meter 04
Location = 2810 33rd Street Vernon – Rosalinda’s Family Restaurant
Date = 2013 Jan 14


Meter 05
Location = 2810 33rd Street Vernon – Rosalinda’s Family Restaurant
Date = 2013 Jan 14


Meter 06
Location = Revelstoke BC
Date = 2014 May 25
This is the second burned smart meter at this home.


Meter 07 – What a mess this one is!
Found on
Loaded here 2015-03-19


9 thoughts on “Smart Meter Fires – 2015”

  1. The burned and melted meters above did not cause fires but they could have if someone had not been present to take action. These are failed meters, in BC Hydro’s terminology, but no inspection is being done to find out why these failed. Neither are the meters that are involved in fires being inspected. It seems as if no one cares

    1. In BC Hydro’s terminology !!Oh just a blowen fuse she will right the owner probly overloaded it !!!! Ok BC Hydro put your head out of the sand !!!

  2. Check out Beaver Creek Interview on You Tube, this is what I was saying in that interview.

  3. Unfortunately BC Hydro will deny, make excuses, deny, make excuses, deny, make excuse….they’ll never admit they screwed up.

    1. You are so right. And to make things worse they lie, and they hide evidence so that we will not know what is going on. I am hearing more and more of fires from which they’ve taken the smart meters before the investigation has occurred. This is illegal and I don’t know why this is being allowed by the fire departments and the fire commissioner. There is no one protecting us — it’s up to us, Duane.
      Please tell me what happened between you and Hydro. You can email me directly, if you wish.
      Best –

  4. Here is Short Video showing graphic details of many fires directly connected to Smart Meters.
    Smart Meters do catch fire and cause lots of damage.
    Smart Meters catch fire because they are designed and constructed badly.

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