2024-05-15 Medical courses were funded by tobacco companies????

Correction: In the May 13 update, I included this article https://www.timescolonist.com/local-news/meter-mixup-results-in-years-of-inflated-bc-hydro-bills-for-james-bay-woman-8730563 about problems with smeters. I misread the number of mis-wired smeters. The article says .003 per cent. I missed the per cent and overstated the number. According to BC Hydro’s figures, ‘only’ 60 mistakes have been made. I still wonder how they know if they ignore complaints, as they did with the person in the article. My apologies.

1) Communities in Italy are concerned about the recent increased exposure limits and are asking for independent assessments. The justification for the increase was to support new 5G devices and technology.

The Truth about 5G
Official Source (Italy), May 13, 2024

“The recent change in electromagnetic radiation limits has raised concerns and calls for further assessments of potential impacts on human health and the environment

The truth about 5G. In Italy, the debate on 5G and its electromagnetic radiation is the focus, with a growing demand for transparency and clarity on the part of citizens and institutions. The recent amendment of electromagnetic radiation limits, as enshrined in Article 10 of Law 243 of 2023, has raised concerns and calls for further assessments of the potential impacts on human health and the environment.”

https://fonteufficiale.it/controinformazione/la-verita-sul-5g  Google translation from Italian is available

2) Patricia Burke has started a Substack page “that offers current national and international developments and occasional blogs about the global movement we’re all working together on…i.e. safer and saner technology.

The Substack page is published 1-3 times weekly and all publications are archived.

Safe Tech International will continue to use this MailChimp platform for special announcements or such, but News, Events, blogs, and Updates will be posted primarily through Patricia’s new Safe Tech International Substack page.”

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Here is a very interesting article from one of her recent newsletters:

Note of interest the quote from David Michaels’ book “Doubt is Their Product“, which ‘outs’ some of the most frequently-used companies that defend the indefensible. One of those companies, Exponent (Dr. William Bailey and Dr. Shkolnikov), has been hired by both BC Hydro and FortisBC to support their smeter programs. If our utility companies believe that the radiation from smeters truly is safe, why would they hire companies known for their ability to deceive and cast doubt on real science?

Smart Meters: Medscape Removes Courses Funded by Philip Morris, Time for Utility Commissions and Legislatures to Bow Too

“Medscape recently removed physician education courses funded by tobacco giant Philip Morris…because it was “a perversion of ethics.“

A deep dark secret of the clean energy /smart grid movement? Justification for the supposed safety of wireless smart utility meters came from product defense ‘experts’ who work for the tobacco industry, including Philip Morris.

Utility commissions, policy makers, and clean energy groups were not concerned.”


3) I apologize for not seeing and sharing info about this Fiber Broadband Association webinar earlier, but it will be available on their website. They have weekly “meetings” to discuss ideas about and progress of their fibre optic cable infrastructure being built across the US.

Let’s Meet in the Middle: 42M New Last Mile Connections are a Dream Without Rural Middle Mile

“Billions of dollars are allocated for last mile service to rural America. An estimated 42 million Americans will for the first time in their lives have access to high-speed internet. The importance of creating middle mile architecture capable of supporting this new capacity and services cannot be overstated. This webinar will discuss the need for rural middle mile infrastructure and the perils of not having it when millions of new last mile services are deployed”.



Sharon Noble, Director, Citizens for Safer Tech

“The nation that secures control of the air will ultimately control the world.”     Alexander Graham Bell

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