2024-04-03 Victoria Cell Tower & BC Hydro time-of-use billing

1) From a member: Urgent for those living in Victoria (Saanich) re. a new cell tower, Open House Thursday.

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“I just learned of an Open House for the planned new communications tower reportedly for the Crest system (plus telecoms/5g, etc.?) tower at PKOLS Mt. Doug. It has been reported that the present tower has reached its end of life, and that the new tower is required.

It’s being held this Thursday, April 4th at the Gordon Head Lawn Bowling Club from 4:30-6pm. 4105 Lambrick Way.

Below is a link with a background, As usual with these recent tower plans, the details appear to be scant and public consultation and engagement seems to be kept to a minimum.

There appear to be more questions than answers and a reluctance by the responsible authorities to provide concrete data and justification to support this newly planned tower.

Be great to see as many as possible Saanich residents come with their questions and concerns. Some questions that people could consider:

1) Potential costs to taxpayers, cost/benefit analysis, risk assessment to address potential harm to human health and the environment.

2) Height of tower and potential for fire in the event of extreme unpredictable weather due to climate change. How about risks to aviation?

3) RF readings before and after the tower is erected. Who will collect these readings? Shouldn’t there be real-time monitoring data available for the public?

4) PKOLS Mt Doug is an important natural area, with significant First Nations cultural importance and habitat to many species of birds, insects, pollinators, plants and other vitally important species.

How might a new tower with potentially much higher levels of RF impact all these recent initiatives to preserve the Mt. Doug PKOLS natural character and ecosystem?

We support a New Tower, Next to the Existing One


2) BC Hydro’s application for time-of-use billing was approved in December 2023, without any publicity that I know of. I am sorry that I was not aware of it. The initial “offering” is opt-in, but a major reason given to the government for the smeters was to accommodate time-of-use billing. The rates and times given appear to be reasonable but these can change.

In other jurisdictions, those who are at home all the time — seniors, the disabled, young families — report higher bills due to higher rates during critical periods of the day for heating/cooling, cooking, etc. Supposedly, the lower rate over night will benefit those recharging EVs — but care needs to be taken when recharging — manufacturers say batteries in cars should not be charged to 100%. Fires could occur if left unattended overnight.

New optional rate plan available as early as June 2024

“This new rate plan provides you with a choice in how you’re charged for electricity use, offers a way to save money on your bill if you can shift usage to lower price periods, and supports electric vehicle (EV) drivers who’ve made the switch to clean electricity.”




3) A member sent me another scam, worried that people are being deceived into wasting money and putting their health at risk by using wireless devices in ways they normally would avoid. This scam, like so many, claims to reduce EMF/RFR levels in homes, even to change the frequency of cell phones. Ridiculous claims that people who are new to hearing that EMF/RFRs are harmful could fall for, looking for easy ways to reduce their fears. If you need to be convinced, just read about the origins of “Lemurians”. This truly is one of the silliest ones I’ve seen.

The Lemurian Plug

How to Use EMF Protection for Home

“The Lemurian Plug is infused with an ancient technology that was reportedly given to Geoffrey Radford by a Lemurian more than 30 years ago. Many of our customers believe that imbues it with special healing powers. So do we, based on our own experience!”



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