2024-01-23 Cell phones banned in all Australia’s schools

1) The work that Marc Arazi and his Phonegate team, similar to the work we’ve done about cellphones here in Canada, has received no media attention. Of course, this isn’t a surprise here in North America because of the influence on/ownership of much of the media by telecoms. But a Swiss outlet has written about Phonegate.

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Cell phones emitted far too much radiation for decades – until today?

“Cell phone manufacturers deliberately conducted unrealistic radiation tests. Even today there are hardly any independent controls.

Just a few years ago, the so-called Phonegate revelations showed that the radiation emitted by mobile devices is inadequately controlled. With the exception of the Observer (paywall), no media in this country has reported on this in depth.”


2) Based on findings that having, or even being near, a smartphone is disruptive to students, inhibiting their learning, no cellphones will be allowed in any school in Australia. In this article, it says that 80% of schools in the US ban “non-academic” use of cellphones. I am surprised by this and will see if I can confirm.

Mobile Phones Now Banned in Schools Across Australia

“Mobile phones in Australian schools are now banned under federal law in a policy announced by Minister for Education Jason Clare today.

In July, Mr. Clare said the time had come for a national policy on phones in state schools. The policy creates uniformity with state education stakeholders, many of whom had some sort of policy already in place in their territories.”


3) A bipartisan bill has been introduced in the New Hampshire House regarding RFR, measurements of it, reducing/eliminating wireless in schools, warning people when 5G transmitters are installed on poles outside their homes, etc. This would be a wonderful prototype for us to push in provinces in Canada.


AN ACT relative to the health effects of 5G technology.


This bill requires certain provisions around measurements of RF-radiation and notification of the effects of such radiation from 5G technology.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Citizens for Safer Tech

“Without knowledge action is useless and knowledge without action is futile.”      Abu Bakr

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