2023-08-09 CALL TO ACTION — Outdoor-Spaces Accessibility Act

1) Below in Letters are 2 items of import:

First is a Call To Action asking for your feedback about the proposed Outdoor-Spaces Accessible Act. Please take just a few minutes to provide your concerns about parks not being accessible for those with EHS and other environmental sensitivities .

The second is an excellent letter from Marcus Schluschen to BCUC and responsible politicians re. political accountability.

2) Our experience with smeters and our many complaints led the way for many other communities. On Rhode Island, places are just now going through what we went through more than 10 years ago. I wish them better luck and politicians with more backbone than we had. We asked these same questions and never received answers. Instead, we and our concerns were ignored because our smeters were mandated by the Clean Energy Act — a law that still stands today. No oversight of smeters — even if we prove they are dangerous RF emitters, expensive and fire hazards.

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“Smart” Meters not smart for RI

“Rather than the road to hell being paved with good intentions, I suggest that the road to hell is paved with unexamined assumptions. In the case of RI Energy/PPL’s proposal before the RI Public Utilities Commission to deploy AMF (Advanced Metering Functionality, i.e. “Smart” Meter) infrastructure in all RI homes and businesses beginning next year, I assert that there are three unexamined assumptions in RI Energy’s business plan (which includes their benefit/cost analysis) that, when examined, require rejection of the plan….

1. RI Energy has presented no documentation to the RI PUC that RI Energy/PPL has commissioned an independent engineering review of fire and/or safety issues with the proposed meter replacement plan.
2. … RF (radiofrequency/microwave radiation) emitted from these “Smart” Meters
3. What computer has survived 15-20 years?”




From: “Marg Friesen” <marg.c4st@gmail.com>
To: “Marg Friesen” <marg.c4st@gmail.com>
Sent: Wednesday, August 9, 2023 11:39:02 AM
Subject: CALL TO ACTION – by midnight Aug 10 for easy option and midnight Aug 11 for other options–

Provide feed-back on draft standard for Outdoor Spaces-Accessible Canada Act – must recognize Environmental Sensitivities and need for inclusion in the standard CAN-ASC-2.1

Hi Everyone (please distribute widely),

We have an opportunity to provide feed-back on the federal government’s draft standard for Outdoor Spaces (part of the standards development for the Accessible Canada Act). This draft (CAN-ASC-2.1) does not mention of any actions to remove barriers for those living with environmental sensitivities.

Three ways to provide feedback:

1. Fastest is by sending an email by midnight Thursday, Aug 10th  to:

Alison Whiting <alison.whiting@uhn.ca>   or

Marie LeBlanc <m.leblanc.art@gmail.com>

Ask to have your name, email address and postal code added to the group submission they will be making. They have more than 90 supporters already.

This is a draft of the message that will be submitted (that you will be adding your name to):

“There does not seem to be any considerations being given to people living with Environmental Sensitivities in the draft outdoor standards. Environmental Sensitivities is an umbrella term that includes many different medical conditions, such as “multiple chemical sensitivity” and “electromagnetic functional impairment”. These conditions need to be fully addressed in every aspect of planning and management of indoor and outdoor public spaces.

Based on my review of the draft standards, I believe that recommendations for removing barriers to access for people living with environmental sensitivities should be incorporated in sections 7.8, 7.9, 8.5, and 10, as well as in the overall scope and definitions sections.

This submission received support from 90 individuals living with environmental sensitivities. Please take a look at the attached video and word document for additional information about barriers to accessing outdoor spaces for people with environmental sensitivities as well as recommendations for making outdoor spaces more accessible to them.”

2. By Friday, August 11th 11:59 ET – Complete the “Public Review Suggestion” form:

A model standard for outdoor spaces – accessibility:


Feedback is about this draft document : CAN-ASC-2.1 Outdoor spaces: Public Review


Suggested sections to comment on:

Section 5.2. signage and

Section 7. Facilities and furniture

7.8. Outdoor showers

7.9 Outdoor toilets

Section 8. Additional requirements for accessible surfaces

Section 10. Maintenance for accessibility

Possible measures for removing/reducing barriers include:

– A scent-free policy with publicly displayed posters.

– Use of environmentally safer products for cleaning (vinegar and hydrogen peroxide).

– Signage at entrances of facilities with lists of contents of cleaning products.

– Designated spots for those requesting a no campfire, vaping, and cigarette smoking area

– Encourage the use of, and make available, natural wood for campfires.

– Provide special pricing for park entry. In the US national parks have ACCESS passes for those with permanent disabilities. It gives the Park pass holder free park admission, while campground rates are half-price if owned by the parks.

– Wireless emission levels from cell towers and Wi-Fi routers should be at most 10 microwatts per meter at campgrounds, heavily used recreation areas and hiking trails.

– Wi-Fi routers and antennas emitting wireless radiation should be clearly labeled so those with electrosensitivity can maximize distance and minimize exposure times.

– Natural measures for weed control -advanced notice and signage if pesticides are used.

– Emergency response and medical personnel should be aware of Environmental Sensitivities along with appropriate protocols in place that medical personnel can refer to if needed.

3. By Friday, August 11th 11:59 ET – Send a written submission (which can have supporting files including videos) directly to:


If you want help writing one, email:

Marg Friesen <ehamanitoba@gmail.com>

Some of us submitted in 2017 with recommendations for the standards for removing/reducing barriers for persons living with environmental sensitivities. None made it into this draft.

Let’s make sure we are heard this time!


Marg Friesen M.Sc.

Director, Environmental Health Association of Manitoba

ps If you have not seen this exceptional film by Marie, I suggest you take 9 minutes to watch it:




From: Marcus Schluschen (name given with permission)
To: “commission secretary” <commission.secretary@bcuc.com>, “empr minister” <EMPR.Minister@gov.bc.ca>, “Office PREM OfficeofthePremier, EX” <premier@gov.bc.ca>, “michele babchuk MLA” <michele.babchuk.MLA@leg.bc.ca>
Sent: Saturday, August 5, 2023 9:28:57 PM
Subject: Accountability in BC?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Once upon a time, there was a political party who valued democratic principles so highly, that they proudly included the word ‘Democrats’ in their name.
Their supporters celebrated their national leaders, such as Mr. Douglas and Mr. Layton, who stood proudly for democratic principles and against governmental overreach.

Today’s NDP, however, provincial & federally, a mere shadow of itself, has become unrecognizable by the thousands of British Columbians who voted for them, as autocracy, and corporate influence peddling has become rampant in BC, as well as Ottawa. Corporate influence trumps all aspects of life and no one has the courage to stand up to these corporate entities without a conscience. Corporate money rules every aspect of life.


A crushing blow for democracy in BC!
The ‘FORCED’ installations of “smart” meters, which emit biologically active radiofrequency radiation, was the first salvo, which decimated people’s trust in this NDP government. People were boldly lied to, and coerced by BC’s Crown Corporation, BC Hydro, while leaders of the New Democrats stood idly by, allowing such vile, illegal acts, of corporate thuggery.

Please correct me if I am wrong; . . . Are BC Hydro’s executives not employed by the Government of BC? Are these public servants not subservient to the powers of the government? Why did the NDP, and BCUC, forfeit their authority? Do they lack the courage to stand up to the smooth talking executives of BC Hydro?

– No government oversight, and complete abdication of duty to protect.
– No independent engineer signed off on these dangerous devices, as they remain a fire hazard, and have burned many homes in BC.
– The public was kept deliberately in the dark, of thousands of peer reviewed studies showing adverse biological effects to man and the environment.
– The BC Government tolerated coercion, threats, intimidation and naked lies by BC Hydro.
– Every community is now bathed in BC Hydro’s electro smog pollution.
– Democracy was brutally nailed to the floor of the British Columbia Legislature by the NDP.

Accountability in BC?
Thousands of letters were sent to this government in protest, to no avail, including many highly concerned EMF scientists and informed physicians, warning of long-term health effects. What did BCUC and the NDP leadership do in response? They sent out letters by underlings, who have not the slightest knowledge of the seriousness of chronic radiation exposure, assuring the public that “their experts” (which you don’t have) are on top of things, and there is absolutely nothing to fear, even though international research by the thousands condemned chronic radio frequency radiation exposure as highly bioactive.

Ladies and Gentlemen, as an EMF Consultant, I can assure you that your leadership is flying by the seat of their pants and that their assurance of safety is scientifically unsubstantiated.

– https://www.cowichanvalleycitizen.com/opinion/editorial-installing-wi-fi-in-hospitals-should-be-a-priority/

Why is there no protest by this NDP government, against the unrestrained explosion of cell towers, and over-saturation of public WiFi, even in hospitals? Surely, even politicians and public servants must find some time to read the information sent to you, by concerned scientists, doctors and the public, including myself.

Not allowed to speak of health and property devaluation?
Why are citizens, including experienced physicians, biologists, and EMF consultants,  “not allowed” to speak in public hearings about health or property devaluations in BC because of cell towers?

Final RF Charts power density Rev Sep14.xlsx (bioinitiative.org) –

Of course, the government’s official scripted response is to pass the buck, and announce that this is federal jurisdiction. Since when has health and massive property devaluations become a federal concern? Why will the NDP not fight for the people of BC? Where are your courageous, outspoken leaders of the past?
Such repugnant corporate influence would have never been tolerated by your predecessors, and it looks to me that today’s generation simply lacks the ability, or the will, to fight for the people you swore an oath to serve.


As a certified EMF consultant, I am contacted by many individuals and families whose health took a sudden nosedive after “smart” meters arrived, or cell towers were installed close to their homes (sometimes even right beside them) which floods every corner of their home, including their child’s bedroom, in a soup of radio frequency pollution. In many cases, these radiation levels reach far, far, beyond, ‘EXTREME’ radiation exposure.
Even my own home is inundated with e-smog pollution from a “smart” meter, as well as a TELUS cell tower, which is far to close too homes.
I am either forced to sell my home, or spend a fortune to shield, in order to assure long-term health.

Do TELUS, Rogers, or government officials, care? Not the slightest, as today’s political leaders are unwilling to stand up for democratic principles!

The BC Government, including BC Health, remains woefully uneducated in this field, with a few exceptions. Blindly, they keep reciting the notoriously non-protective Safety Code 6 mantra, which is outdated by decades, and not supported by today’s non-industry-affiliated research.

All levels of government received access to thousands of studies, including Mr. Dix, Bonnie Henry, as well as BCUC.

Corporate Capture of BC’s Government Agency
Before closing, let me inform you of BCUC’s corporate capture, who decided to relinquish their oversight position of industry.


FortisBC hired the American industry lobby firm, Exponent, who is know to defend dirty industry, in an effort to install 1,100,000 “smart” gas meters throughout BC. Exponent’s lobbyist boldly claimed that humans emit more radiation than Wi-Fi. Yes, you read correctly, this is not a typo! According to Exponent, humans emit more radiation than Wi-Fi!
Since several Canadian EMF scientists did not agree with this absurd statement, they provided BCUC with a high quality video which clearly showed that humans do not emit more radiation than Wi-Fi by using not just one person but an entire group of people. This entire group did not emit any radiation!
Despite having received the excellent video, done by EMF experts, BCUC decided to believe the lobby firm, Exponent, which will have dire biological consequences for the public in the long term.
Is this proper behavior of a government agency, which clearly sides with industry and not the public?

If government agencies cannot be relied on by the public, the question arises, why have an agency, who is chumming with the industry they are supposed to govern?

I am looking forward to your non-scripted response.

Kind regards,
Marcus Schluschen
Cert. EMF Consultant


Sharon Noble, Director, Citizens for Safer Tech

“We cannot command Nature except by obeying her.”  Francis Bacon

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