2023-03-15 Salt Spring vs Rogers — meeting Thursday March 16

1) Please read this letter and, if you can, attend a meeting on Salt Spring on Thursday noon.

Salt Spring LTC instructs Rogers to back down from cell tower site for THIRD time

We would like to encourage anyone who can, to please attend the upcoming LTC meeting Town Hall portion on Salt Spring, at 12pm on Thursday March 16th, to show your support for this cause, and to thank and encourage the LTC for their clear action in holding Rogers to account.

Salt Spring LTC Meeting Date, Venue & Location:

Thursday, March 16th

64 Learning Hub 122 Rainbow Road

12pm for start of Town Hall

Important letter at:


This letter is an important piece of communication because it spells out the bulk of key points that prompted the LTC to rescind, and that need to be part of the public record so that ISED and Rogers both know that the LTC are reasonable and sound in their judgment in making that decision.

2) Third parties are able to get data of a personal and very detailed nature via “smart” devices. And this will become easier for them to do thanks to these things being connected, via the Internet of Things. Whether it’s the police, agencies like the FBI, marketing companies, — our privacy is being invaded and our security threatened by wireless telecommunications.

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FBI Admits to Buying Location Data on Americans Without Obtaining Warrants “for a specific national security pilot project”

“Since an increasing number of American municipalities have officially become “smart cities” and/or are installing data collecting technologies in them, including utility “smart” meters (electric, gas, and water), 5G, etc., companies as well as government agencies will have more opportunities to collect, analyze, share, and/or sell data on Americans including to the FBI which has purchased it before.”


3) A new “hotspot” network that appears to be totally unregulated, without infrastructure or licensing costs, that can be set up just about anywhere, by anyone, as part of the 5G grid. Capture of data seems to be the ultimate goal, just as it is for “smart” devices because selling data is far more profitable than selling a product. Increase in data-mining while increasing the EMF pollution in our environment.

Helium 5G: Promoters Call It ‘The People’s Network’ — But Who Really Profits?

“Supporters of Helium 5G technology call it “the people’s network” because it creates wireless internet coverage without relying on the services of an internet provider, but critics say it comes at a cost — to your health, privacy and liberty — as corporations profit from mining your data….

Helium 5G — or “Helium Cloud Ecosystem” — is a global network of wireless hotspots that use objects connected to the internet to send small amounts of data over long distances using radiofrequency (RF) signals.

These hotspots can reach 200 times farther than conventional Wi-Fi hotspots and share their owners’ bandwidth with nearby internet-connected devices — such as parking meters, air-quality sensors or smart kitchen appliances — thereby boosting the wireless coverage in an area, The New York Times reported….

Alpine Capital Markets, a cryptocurrency and decentralized finance strategy and analysis firm, called the Helium Network “revolutionary” because it is helping speed up the rollout of 5G….

…no one really talks about the true value and real nature of the business model: It is the data.””




From Colorado.   They are fighting to keep their analogs while working to bring fibre optic cable into the homes. Dr. Timothy Schoechle’s document is well worth the read.

“The Sustainability Advisory Board in Longmont Colorado is meeting to discuss the planned AMI meter roll out. We hope to get many people pushing back against it. You can ask that the SAB write a letter, formally, to Longmont City Council, requesting that this issue be studied further. City Council has not done its due diligence as regards to the public safety (esp. fire which Susan Foster is addressing with them) and are sworn to do so. Also, their opt-out plan is for digital meters which are unsafe for the EMS disabled. This needs to be addressed so analogs can be kept in the event that the City Council doesn’t change their mind, goes forward with the AMI.

Since Longmont CO is one of the leaders in the country in “fiber to the premises” and they also own the electric company, Longmont could be a prototype city for the safe and energy saving, wired EMMA metering system that Dr Tim Schoechle has been working on.

(see: https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Intelligent-Energy-Operating-System-for-the-Solar-Homes-and-Microgrids-of-the-Future-by-Timothy-Schoechle-PhD-Solar-Today-Fall-2020-p.18-23.pdf)

It could be done now since the international standards are in place. Tim has spoken before the Longmont Council about the EMMA so they are aware of it. He lives in a neighboring city. EMMA actually does conserve energy, doesn’t surveil on people, is EMP proof, provides excellent grid management and can measure unwanted EMF’s like dirty electricity. ”


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

“Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.”   Ralph Waldo Emerson

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