2022-11-25 Low-level EMF affects Wildlife & Plants

1) The author of this article believes technology is being designed to affect attention spans, the ability to think clearly and to function well. No doubt true but a major part of the design, and the resultant problems, rest with the EMF emitted by these devices. Brain fog and inability to think clearly are complaints of many with EHS.

Stolen Focus

“But one of the key culprits for declining attention spans, he says, is technology. The average American spends 31.4 hours a day (??) on their phone and touches it 2617 times a day! People are constantly distracted by their devices and spending more time on them than ever. This is reducing their attention span, interfering with their productivity and reducing their ability to understand and recall information.

There’s a good reason for this, says Hari, and that’s because technology is designed to get people’s attention and hold it. He writes, ‘…the phones we have, and the programs that run on them, were deliberately designed by the smartest people in the world to maximally grab and maximally hold our attention.”


2) From Blake Levitt:

Henry Lai, Al Manville, and I have a new open access online paper on EMF effects to wildlife. This was an invited paper for a series by a guest editor at Frontiers in Public Health who is a renowned European EMF scientist. Other authors in the series — some lifelong experts now changing their opinions — are focused on human health and well worth the read. These are all relatively short Perspective pieces. Our paper is greatly abbreviated from the 3-part series we published last year in Reviews in Environmental Health on the same subject which defined the issue at ecosystem levels for the first time.”


Low-level EMF effects on wildlife and plants: What research tells us about an ecosystem approach

The focus of this Perspective paper is on the unique physiology of non-human species, their extraordinary sensitivity to both natural and anthropogenic EMF, and the likelihood that artificial EMF in the static, extremely low frequency (ELF) and radiofrequency (RF) ranges of the non-ionizing electromagnetic spectrum are capable at very low intensities of adversely affecting both fauna and flora in all species studied. Any existing exposure standards are for humans only; wildlife is unprotected, including within the safety margins of existing guidelines, which are inappropriate for trans-species sensitivities and different non-human physiology. Mechanistic, genotoxic, and potential ecosystem effects are discussed. ”


3) The very same thing occurred in BC to several people who bought a new analog, paid to have it certified by Measurements Canada, and hired a qualified Electrician to install it. BC Hydro cut them off saying that it was “dangerous” to have the analog, professing to “protect” them. In some cases, the local police did attend to ensure the homeowner didn’t “cause trouble”. This was allowed because the Clean Energy Act gives BC Hydro the right to force each homeowner to have a smeter, even though these have never been certified to be safe by an independent Professional Engineer nor has the radiation that is emitted ever been shown to be safe.

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Power Cut for Homeowners Refusing “Smart” Meters; “police and sheriff’s departments are escorting the corporation doing so”

“Dominion ‘upgraded’ my new house to a ‘smart’ meter without my knowledge or consent,” Aeron Mack of Fauquier said in the press release. “I have Lyme disease and cannot function with a smart meter on my home, but Dominion wouldn’t remove it so I had it replaced with an analog by a trained professional. I had just gotten home and was recovering from minor cancer surgery when Dominion showed up to cut off my power. I called the police to help me and instead of checking on my welfare, they stood laughing with the Dominion technicians while I cried and was forced to choose between a smart meter and no power.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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