2022-11-22 More “non-compliant” cell phones

1) Two more phones were identified by French authorities as being “non-compliant”, that is having SARs in excess of 2.0W/kg. I am still waiting for more information from ISED about the 90 phones that were on the list of phones tested in Canada from 2015-2020/21. The vast majority of these phones were tested 15 mm from the body, which allowed most to have SARs below Safety Code 6’s dangerously high limit of 1.6W/kg. If these phones were tested at 0 mm, the way they are used next to the body, in a pocket, bra, in a hand, (and no doubt next to the head), the SAR would be dramatically higher, often by multiples.

The telecoms know that their cell phones emit RF at levels that are non-compliant, but no customers anywhere are told — not in France, not in the USA and not in Canada.

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List of cell phones withdrawn or updated for deception and endangering users

“These are now 37 different models of cell phones, identified as dangerous for the health of users, that have been either withdrawn from the French market or have had their Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) updated by software. Latest ones: the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip and the Wiko Y82….

However, once again after the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, it took eighteen months for the manufacturer Xiaomi to regularize the situation by implementing a software update. The tests were conducted in January 2021 and users did not discover until far too late that they had been overexposed to the waves from their smartphones.”


2) A good video, especially for those new to EMF and 5G.

Cell Phone RADIATION & 5G DANGERS | An In-Depth Exploration

https://www.bitchute.com/video/lCIAcZov5Hs/    (34 min.)

3) An IARC newsletter in which, among other things, they speak about recent “workshops” regarding cancers, biases in studies, etc. Dr. Victor Leach of ORSSA has taken these Working Groups to task. The biases are palpable within these agencies that make decisions regarding the carcinogenicity of wireless radiation. I’ve attached the list of workshop presenters to which he refers (not the greatest format but I couldn’t attach his document):


IARC MONOGRAPHS NEWS A newsletter from the IARC Monographs programme

“Working Group Members are responsible for all scientific reviews and evaluations developed during the IARC Monographs meeting. The Working Group is interdisciplinary and comprises subgroups of experts in the fields of: (1) exposure characterization; (2) cancer in humans; (3) cancer in experimental animals; and (4) mechanistic evidence.”


“This is a well-funded workshop with government and telecommunication companies’ monies, while groups like ORSAA have to rely on donations and subscription fees and are not well-resourced. This is not a level playing field.”



Sharon  Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters/Citizens for Safer Tech

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