2022-08-16 Security vulnerabilities in IoT

1) Cybersecurity experts have found many flaws in both 4G and 5G platforms that connect to the Internet of Things, which include remote sending or repeating commands that shouldn’t be able to happen. (sorry for bold lettering. I am unable to turn it off.)

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New 5G Research; “the interfaces that carriers have set up to manage Internet-of-things data are riddled with security vulnerabilities”

“A massive new population of 5G-capable devices, from smart-city sensors to agriculture robots and beyond, are gaining the ability to connect to the Internet in places where Wi-Fi isn’t practical or available. Individuals may even elect to trade their fiber-optic Internet connection for a home 5G receiver. But the interfaces that carriers have set up to manage Internet-of-things data are riddled with security vulnerabilities, according to research presented this week at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas. And those vulnerabilities could dog the industry long-term. ”


2) A new member recently moved to Comox Valley from Vancouver and is looking for a group to join or to form a group to advocate for an environment with lower EMF and to help educate others. She has given me permission to provide her email address and asks for anyone from that area who shares her concerns to write to her at:


3) Doug Wood is founder of Americans for Safe Technology and has a weekly podcast in which issues related to safe technology are discussed. All of the programs are archived at the Green Street link.

Wireless Radiation and Human Health with Dr. Devra Davis

“On this edition of Green Street, Patti and Doug talk with renowned epidemiologist and author Dr. Devra Davis about her work investigating the relationship between RF radiation from wireless devices and its impact on human health.”

https://www.greenstreetradio.com/podcast/episode/90be6f03/wireless-radiation-and-human-health-with-dr-devra-davis         (31 min.)

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4) Microwave hearing is something that has been reported for decades; Alan Frey reported that some military people could “hear” radar. As people are living, often without choice, near EMF emitters, like smeters, more and more are suffering this “hum”.


Tinnitus Revisited: When ‘Safety’ Testing is Unreal

“About 14% (740 million) of the world’s adults have experienced hearing sounds in their ears or heads that did not come from an external source. European scientists estimated the global prevalence of the condition known as tinnitus, and recently published the results of their study in JAMA Neurology…

New York for Safe Utility Meter Association also responded….

“For over a decade, our organization has been contacted by people that are suffering from tinnitus. For each of these people it began after the installation of “smart” utility meters. This problem, also known as “Microwave Hearing,” can be caused by exposure to radiofrequency/microwave (RF/MW) radiation. These frequencies are utilized by wireless technology including cell phones, “smart” utility meters, wifi routers, cell towers, baby monitors, radar and weapons of war.””



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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