2022-06-18 5G C-bands delayed for another year

1) Even with all of the problems with 5G, it is growing like a cancer, even without milliwaves. Even if it weren’t 5G, the number of additional wireless connections and devices is increasing exponentially, and will continue to do so with IoT.

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Global 5G connections to exceed 1 billion in 2022: Report

“The firm also forecasts that, by 2026, 5G fiber connections will reach 83 million and 5G machine-to-machine (M2M) and cellular Internet of things (IoT) applications will hit 455 million connections, combined. By this same year, the firm anticipates that there will be 4 billion 5G mobile broadband connections worldwide, with North America and Western Europe emerging as leaders.”


I am not sure what the “5G fiber connections” are but suspect they are to the microcells along the streets and to other wireless transmitters. Here is an interesting article that explains the dependence of 5G on fiber. And this is why Telus is pushing fibre.


What you need to know about 5G and Fiber

“The low latency that fiber provides means that mobile networks will be able to process a higher volume of data with little delay. This will make mobile networks more responsive and able to increase connection speeds with more devices at once.

Equally as important to note is that not only does 5G need fiber, but it needs huge fiber counts with incredible density and ability to access that through splice points that are near enough to where it is needed so you can break out.

Additionally, fiber will benefit consumers. It will help bring more Internet providers into the market and allow smaller players to provide competitive offerings, hopefully driving down consumer costs.

Perhaps most importantly, fiber can help the 5th generation eliminate technological hang-ups for the devices and people connected to the network, making adaption of new technology and inventions easier and more comprehensible for the average person.”


2) A few months ago, when 5G C-bands were scheduled to go live, airlines and airports raised concerns about interference with airplane equipment, such as altimeters, that could result in crashes. The FAA and FCC agreed on a delay in activation of the 5G bands until July 5, but now this date has been extended for one year so that airlines have time to make adjustments to their equipment. What about interference with our health, medical equipment and the environment?


Verizon, AT&T agree to delay some 5G deployment until mid-2023

“The Federal Aviation Administration said Friday that Verizon Communications and AT&T have voluntarily agreed to delay some C-Band 5G usage until July 2023 as air carriers work to retrofit airplanes to ensure they will not face interference.

The two carriers agreed in January to delay through July 5 switching on some wireless towers and depowering others near airports. Verizon said Friday the new agreement will allow it to “lift the voluntary limitations on our 5G network deployment around airports in a staged approach over the coming months meaning even more consumers and businesses will benefit from the tremendous capabilities of 5G technology.” ”


3) This article was written in 2014 about cell towers in the US with RF emissions that violate the FCC guidelines (which are among the highest in the world). Most likely the situation hasn’t changed significantly since then, and probably the situation in Canada is the same. The ISED, which has the responsibility to regulate wireless emissions, does not test cell towers. They leave it up to the telecoms to do so — the old fox-hen-house scenario. Industry Canada (now ISED) said that they do not have the capability to monitor cell towers and “trust” the telecoms.

WSJ Reports One in 10 Cell Phone Towers Violate RF Radiation Safety Rules.

” Turns out that there are somewhere around 30,000 non-compliant cell phone towers in the USA that expose unsuspecting residents, school children and even their maintenance workers to dangerous levels of microwave radiation.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“It is curious that physical courage should be so common in the world and moral courage so rare.”     Mark Twain


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