2022-04-13 Is Milliwave cellular dying?

1) I have not been able to confirm info in this article, but a lot of what it says makes sense given the technical problems with milliwave frequencies. But the microcells are in many of our neighbourhoods, not just in the congested parts of large cities. This means that strong 4G transmitters that used to be on cell towers some distance from most homes, schools and hospitals are now mere feet from rooms where we spend so much time.

No more consultation or notification of the public, and no more permits from City Councils for cell towers. The ISED policy has a major loophole which allows this. The ISED’s mandate is to help industry and its policy sure does, at our expense. It must be changed and only efforts by huge numbers of people will make this happen.

The Death of Millimeter-wave Cellular ?

“What is funniest about the whole 5G fiasco is that Oulu University in Finland, which leads the world in 5G research, said at the end of 2021 that it’s still likely to be 2027 until we see the first mature 5G cell site. We’re not behind China with 5G – because nobody has 5G!

It’s not a surprise that Apple is dropping the spectrum from its phones. It costs chip space and power for every additional spectrum that is supported by a cellphone. Cell manufacturers care more about long battery life than they do about a technology that never made it out of the downtowns of a few major cities.”


2) An interesting article that explains how vulnerable our grids and systems are to an act of nature. It sounds as if, unless the components have great surge protectors, there is little we can do to prevent major problems. Apparently, even a local power network would be hit hard.

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Massive Geomagnetic Storm: Coronal Mass Ejection From the Sun Could Knock Out the Power Grid and Internet

“Today, a geomagnetic storm of the same intensity as the Carrington Event would affect far more than telegraph wires and could be catastrophic. With the ever-growing dependency on electricity and emerging technology, any disruption could lead to trillions of dollars of monetary loss and risk to life dependent on the systems. The storm would affect a majority of the electrical systems that people use every day.”

Massive Geomagnetic Storm: Coronal Mass Ejection From the Sun Could Knock Out the Power Grid and Internet


More from an Electrical Engineer when I asked if smaller networks would be less affected:

“The electro-magnetic storm is a highly mobile and unpredictable-behaving varying in intensity phenomena sweeping across northern parts of the World during high sunspot activity.

The Power transmission equipment in Quebec in 1989 failed for several reasons.

1. The Geo-magnetic storm induced high amounts of Direct Current (DC) into power equipment such as transmission lines, transformers, protective sensors etc., causing overheating and failures.

2. The protective devices that should have normally cut off these equipments to protect them were not set properly for an event like this.

3. Each large piece of equipment connected to the power grid, like a power transformer, were eventually shut off, but not in a truly controlled fashion and, unfortunately, not before a cascading effect happened.

4. Transformers and transmission lines shut down across Quebec due to saturation of DC. Key apparatus such as transformers suffered permanent damage.

5. Basically in the space of a few minutes, (the IEE video states 92 seconds) to shut down the whole of the Province that was plunged into darkness lasting at least 9 hours.

6. It was possible that this solar sunspot event and geomagnetic storm could have resulted in a much wider-spread power outage across North America.

7. Any extensive electrical system outdoors, on buildings, structures, poles, connected using “wires” can be impacted, and equipment such as routers, switches, modems, amplifiers, etc. probably do not have built-in surge protection adequate to protect them against a repeat of a 1989 solar event.”

3 ) Even though many independent experts warn that there are cardiac problems, one of which is A-fib, associated with exposure to wireless radiation, the FDA has approved wearing things like Fitbits to help detect A-fib. Ironic??? Wearing a device that detects the problem it causes??


Fitbit gains FDA clearance for new atrial fibrillation-detection feature

“Wireless wearables – including Fitbits – expose wearers to Electromagnetic Fields (aka “Electrosmog”), Bluetooth, and wireless “Wi-Fi” radiation which can cause undesirable symptoms and injuries including cardiac health issues.

The Google-owned company adds a feature previously seen in the Apple Watch.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“One of the most serious environmental pollutants affecting the health of human populations and resulting in chronic illness is electrosmog.”      Dr. Magda Havas


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