2021-12-29 5G’s potential failures

1) A member of a US group watched the full interview of Devra Davis and took rough notes, which she kindly shared. They are below in Letters. Still no link to the entire interview.

2) In previous updates, I’ve shared information about a “product defense” company that has been hired by FortisBC more than once to defend smeters. Right now this company, Exponent, is providing misleading/false information to the BCUC panel that is reviewing FortisBC’s application for a gas smeter. This company has long operated to twist facts to hide information about products that could cause serious harm. Here is yet another article about this company, first written a couple of years ago but revisited recently. Why is FortisBC using such an unethical company — is it because it believes smeters are dangerous???

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Corporate perversion of science to defend against inconvenient facts – (the-pen.co)

“3M has used a California based company, once known as Failure Analysis Associates and now called Exponent, to carry out its denial strategy over the chemicals. This is the same company used by the tobacco industry, to argue that second hand smoking does not risk cancer. It doesn’t stop here. Among its clients are names like BP, ExxonMobil, General Motors, Toyota and Dow Chemicals. All have engaged Exponent to deny inconvenient facts….

Exponent routinely hired “experts” to bend conclusions to meet client needs. Among other cases, the method has been used in connection to Agent Orange, asbestos, pesticides, and excess sugar consumption.

It is involvement with the climate warming denial industry, which is ultimately the most serious part of Exponent’s misconduct, for it has contributed to getting in the way of acting on an ecological crisis that risks a devastating effect on the planet and human survival.

Not only is the denial of scientific truth unjustifiable under any pretense, the methods used, contribute to the corruption in society. It is reprehensible conduct, which deserves to be exposed on all fronts.”

Corporate perversion of science to defend against inconvenient facts


3) The industry obviously has done a great job selling 5G to the American public, but is failing to provide the speed it promised.


U.S. 5G “Falls Short on Speed”; “as 5G adoption and deployments increase, a slowdown isn’t out of the norm” Says Report

“American opposition to 5G deployment has been ongoing for years due to various significant risks associated with it. In fact, expert warnings about aviation safety risks have temporarily delayed deployment in the C-band. Adding insult to injury, reports have already determined that 4G is still better, more reliable,andsafer than 5G including this new one from Ookla….

A new 5G report from Ookla places the U.S. atop the global leader board for 5G availability. However, in a lineup of countries where 5G was early to launch, the U.S. falls comparatively short and ranked last when it comes to speed.”


4) A technical expert has concluded that milliwave technology (aka 5G) will never work due to limits of the higher frequencies as well as costs. This may mean that the microcells that are being installed may be used for 3G and 4G or 5G will use the lower frequencies which penetrate more efficiently, travel farther and, therefore, are more dangerous to living things.

Verizon’s 5G mmWave Network Has a Tree Problem

“Millimeter-wave (mmWave) spectrum suffers the same severe limitations today that dogged it when Verizon first deployed the technology in 2018….

“At some point it gets crazy and not realistic,” Lum said. “You’re never going to get full coverage across a city unless you deploy like 10,000 of these things.” Especially across a large city like San Diego.

Coverage remains and will always be the biggest problem with mmWave. During Lum’s survey of 40 mmWave small cells in San Diego and 34 in nearby Chula Vista, the average radius per small cell site was about 500 feet. And that was only in cases where he had a direct line of sight to the radio with no obstructions.

“Once you start going out into the real world where a building, a tree, whatever is going to shadow that signal, then all bets are off. You’re never going to get ubiquitous coverage. It just can’t ever be achieved because it would take so many sites to do,” he said.

“These beams only go so far because of the frequency band and your phone only has enough juice to go back to the network,” Lum added. When the signal strength of that mmWave beam degrades, devices automatically switch back to sub-6Ghz, a common occurrence for Lum in San Diego.”



Dr Devra Davis Nobel co-laureate: “If the cellphone were a drug, it would be banned”

[https://ehtrust.org/today-dr-davis-on-fox-news-prime-time/ – scroll down for more links]

Notes:  Tucker Carlson interviewed Devra Davis on Tucker Carlson Today, 12-27-21

Epidemiology looks at the past, toxicology looks at the future. She is trained and experienced in both.

She starts by talking about Big Tobacco’s strategies, now used by Telecom, the main one being “The science is not settled on harm from tobacco.”

Next she talked about her 2009 testimony to Congress about male infertility from carrying a phone in pocket, and her book Zapped that came out in 2010 and was featured in Newsweek, but then, mysteriously, the media attention evaporated.

The radiation you’re exposed to depends on how close it is to you, and the strength of the signal, which you know the battery drains out faster when the signal is weak. She said, “Think of it this way: the battery of the phone is draining right into you.”

California had a study that took about ten years to be released showing that where you used the phone and the strength of the signal, made a difference in how it affects you.

Kids need to be digital citizens, but learning is not dependent on phones.

The most important thing I tell you, “Distance is your friend.” And wired is always better than wire-less. You can wire your cell phone for most things, except not for voice.

Tucker: Why am I hearing this from you but not from Apple?

Congress (both sides) cut funding in 1990s to government research on wireless tech, [follow the connections back to Telecom lobbying] Telecom cut the funding and then tried to get the Henry Li paper retracted by the journal that published it. Now Telecom is claiming the study is wrong. That study came out 2018, 30 years after it was funded.

The “peer review” for that article was time consuming [a delay tactic]. Then the next peer review was by industry experts, who said it’s a good study. Next the FDA [a captured agency] said that the $30 million study they commissioned in 1999, didn’t apply to humans!!

The Infrastructure Bill has billions for broadband, which is good, but wireless need not be the focus.

Davis: Almost no wireless safety studies are currently in process.

Tucker: Have we seen an increase in cancer?

Davis: It takes a long time, 20-30 years to appear. Glioblastoma, brain cancer, kills in a year. Another cancer is related to hearing, which is higher in people who use cell phones the longest (Swedish studies), and worst of all if phone use begins in childhood.

However, these cancers are rare, so don’t get much study. There are 200 types of brain cancer, so it possible to make the increase disappear. There’s a 4-fold increase in rectal cancer in young people, from .3 to 1.4 per 100,000.

A recent Yale study funded by American Cancer Foundation, increase in thyroid cancer in young people. This is a ‘sentinal’ increase in cancer, a wake up call. The same increase in Iran and other developed nations, all in younger adults. Pancreatic cancer has risen, it’s an enigma.

Funding for good studies could come from a penny a month fee on every wireless device. Then she described the current safety test, 6-minutes of exposure to see how much the temperature rises! [Leaving out entirely what the EMFs do to our brain.]

Tucker asked about protective sleeves and cases for phones.

It’s better to have the screen facing you, but then the baby in your lap will get more radiation, coming out of the back of the phone.

We need phones to go to sleep when they’re not in use and come back when in use, which save a lot of energy, and provide greater protection. Why aren’t we doing that, it’s just a programming issue. But inertia is holding this back.

She points to the effect on bees and other pollinators. One more reason we need safety measures.

Davis: 5G is a marketing scam. It’s Designer Chutzpah. They’re going to build it and then figure out what it can do. The system needs antennas every few hundred feet, and trees stop them, best for high density areas.

Because the negative health effects are common problems, it’s hard to determine what’s causing those problems.

She got interested in the safety of wireless tech seventeen years ago, her first grandchild could crawl over to a phone that was off, turn it on, and play Brick Breaker. She investigated the technology. A child’s skull is thinner, contains more water. Then she looked at the research, and was mortified.

“I thought I was seeing the most important public health effect that was under-reported.” She had been on the expert panel looking into ending smoking on planes.

There are 400 scientists who wrote to the UN about the need for research into wireless tech.

The French government recommends action. Our website has safety cards on safety for kids. We exist to provide clear information on the risks of wireless radiation. We are encouraged the scientists joining this effort. In Belgium you can’t design a phone that’s for kids.

“I don’t fault Congress, they’ve been sold a bill of goods.”

Tucker asked, “Who’s funding you?

We are funded by small donations, some major funders, no industry support. We have a slim operation, we were virtual before that was fashionable, offices in our homes. And people who spent years in industry are giving them info, some still in the wings will be powerful.”

There is a phone app that flashes red, orange, yellow, and green to indicate the EMF level, it’s ten years old, Steve Jobs could have included that app on Apple phones, but he said, “not interested.” Steve was on a computer construction assembly line, full of chemicals, and then all his EMF exposure, and toxics magnify each other, so his cancer is logical.

I’m not anti-industry, I’m just pro-health, particularly for our children.

Safer phones will make all the rest of the phones on the market vulnerable to massive lawsuits.

She suggests a Truth and Reconciliation program that gives them amnesty to lawsuits, “If you fess up in the next two years…”


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.”    Desmond Tutu



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