2021-12-22 Industry threatened by 6G

I have been without access to the internet and have fallen woefully behind in reading and responding to emails. I hope to be able to send the sporadic updates as promised over the next while. If I am unable to send an update before Christmas, I sincerely hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas.

1) A small community in Delaware fought Verizon and won. This proves that persistence and community support can reap benefits. The community has since passed a siting ordinance which, hopefully, will prevent something like this happening again.

Delaware Town Gets Verizon to Move 5G Poles Away from Beach

“In June, Dewey Beach residents Alex Pires, Diane Cooley and John Snow filed a lawsuit against Verizon, requesting that the court prohibit the wireless company from installing any additional 5G poles on or near the ocean-side sand dunes in an effort to protect what they say became obstructed views of the beach and ocean.

The lawsuit focused on five wireless communication poles that Verizon installed in the sand dunes or at beach entrances in Dewey Beach….

Just last week, the town passed the most recent update of this ordinance, which primarily sets a process for obtaining permits for wireless facilities. When commissioners voted to unanimously approve this ordinance on Dec. 2, they updated it to include a daily penalty fee of $500 for anyone who violates the ordinance.

The ordinance also sets basic height requirements for poles and prohibits wireless companies from installing any structures on residential properties, beach dunes and sidewalks — unless they can be placed on a sidewalk and still comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.”


2) BC MP is introducing an Environmental Bill of Rights but no mention of freedom from EMR. It is vital that people in authority realize that our environment is being polluted, is highly polluted, with microwave radiation that is harmful to us and is seriously affecting bees, birds and other living things just as much as dirty air and water.

South Okanagan-West Kootenay MP tables Environmental Bill of Rights

“Local NDP MP Richard Cannings introduced two pieces of legislation into the House of Commons this week. One that creates a new Canadian Environmental Bill of Rights, and another protecting local lakes and rivers.

“A healthy environment is an integral part of what makes Canadians proud of our country. We need to enshrine the right to a healthy environment in our legal systems. The wellbeing of our communities—and ourselves—depends on it” said Cannings.

Cannings introduced his Environmental Bill of Rights on Thursday, Dec 16.”



3) The introduction of 6G (the 6th generation) technology for personal electronics could interfere with 5G devices, such as the 5G grids. Perhaps this would mean that utilities would have to figure out how to measure usage without 5G devices on our homes and perhaps not endanger

Utility Groups, Others Petition FCC to Delay Opening 6GHz Band to Block 6G Consumer Electronics that Will Threaten Public Safety

“A coalition of utility groups and other current occupants of the 6 GHz communications band filed a pair of petitions with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) this week to block an expected tidal wave of the new “6G” generation of consumer electronics from moving into their currently exclusive neighborhood.

The Edison Electric Institute and American Public Power Association were among a dozen associations that signed the official request for rulemaking submitted to the FCC along with an 11th-hour request for a stay of any pending approvals for a new generation of unlicensed 6G routers and other wireless devices that will generate a blizzard of electronic interference that will blind thousands of microwave links that currently operate on the 6 gigahertz (GHz) band and are used by utilities to monitor and maintain the electricity grid and other vital communications….

The report on the experiment filed with the FCC last June differed from the results of previous testing performed by the consumer electronics companies: “This new testing confirmed that FCC-certified unlicensed LPI devices will cause harmful interference to licensed fixed microwave systems, including those used to monitor and protect the electrical grid and for pub lic safety operations.””




4) The short-sightedness of humans is mind boggling and the on-going assault on whales and the oceans by the military is a prime example.

Whales Will Save the World’s Climate—Unless the Military Destroys Them First

“What does not figure into the climate calculus of the new emission-halving plan is that the Pentagon can still continue to destroy Earth’s natural systems that help sequester carbon and generate oxygen. For example, the plan ignores the Pentagon’s continuing role in the annihilation of whales, in spite of the miraculous role that large cetaceans have played in delaying climate catastrophe and “maintaining healthy marine ecosystems,” according to a report by Whale and Dolphin Conservation. This fact has mostly gone unnoticed until only recently….

It’s first important to understand how whales are indispensable to mitigating climate catastrophe, and why reviving their numbers is crucial to slowing down damage and even repairing the marine ecosystem. The importance of whales in fighting the climate crisis has also been highlighted in an article that appeared in the International Monetary Fund’s Finance and Development magazine, which calls for the restoration of global whale populations. “Protecting whales could add significantly to carbon capture,” states the article, showing how the global financial institution also recognizes whale health to be one of the most economical and effective solutions to the climate crisis.

Throughout their lives, whales enable the oceans to sequester a whopping 2 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. That astonishing amount in a single year is nearly double the 1.2 billion metric tons of carbon that was emitted by the U.S. military in the entire 16-year span between 2001 and 2017, according to an article in Grist, which relied on a paper from the Costs of War Project at Brown University’s Watson Institute….

If ever there were “superheroes” who could save us from the climate crisis, they would be the whales and the phytoplankton, not the direct air capture plants, and certainly not the U.S. military. Clearly, a key path forward toward a livable planet is to make whale and ocean conservation a top priority….

Pentagon documents estimate that 13,744 whales and dolphins are legally allowed to be killed as “incidental takes” during any given year due to military exercises in the Gulf of Alaska.”


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More information on this topic by Stop 5G International. Please do share. Many people who do not understand or who refuse to believe that EMF is harmful might care about these wonderful creatures who do so much to make our environmental healthier.


In case you missed the Solstice Event “Ocean of Consciousness” on Dec. 21, here is video of it:



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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