2021-12-15 Stop 5G International and IoUT

There will be no update tomorrow and, probably, on Friday.. For the next while, I will be traveling and there will be times when I do not have access to the internet. I will do my best to share important items in updates, which may be sporadic. If there is something very important that others need to know, please email me at:

citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca with “urgent” on the subject line.

1) Information about the proposed tower in Duncan. There is time for people to get full details and get involved in the process.

Proposed Rogers Cell Phone Tower at Public Works Yard

“Rogers Communications has contacted the City regarding the potential installation of a new cell phone tower at the Public Works Yard (1091 Marchmont) with lease revenue to be provided to the City under a long term agreement. The City of Duncan Public Works Yard has been identified as a preferred location based on their review of potential locations and signal path surveys across the City of Duncan.”

Proposed Rogers Cell Phone Tower at Public Works Yard


2) In case you missed this morning’s webinar hosted by Americans for Responsible Technology (info for which was shared in a couple of updates), a member has shared a quick summary (see Letters below). As usual, I will share a video as soon as it is available. These presenters are so knowledgeable and dedicated that it is well worth the hour to listen to the discussion. This is the latest in a series of webinars concentrating on legal issues associated with fighting RF/5G. The videos are available on their website.


3) Stop 5G International is committed to raising awareness about the dangers presented to every part of our world by the dramatic proliferation of EMF, which is predicted to worsen exponentially once the 5G grid and the IoT and IoUT expand. Please help spread the word by inviting friends and family to participate in these events.

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Say ‘YES’ to Protecting Whales and Marine Life from the new “Smart” Ocean

Let Consciousness be our guide and use science as a tool.” Wisdom of the Universe

Please join us for two events this solstice season to help raise awareness and encourage change in the wildly out of balance use of technology on Earth, in the skies, and now in the ocean….

Techno-Ecocide extending to the seas

Up till now, most of our efforts have focused on reining in the unbridled and unconscious expansion of wireless technology on land and in space. Sadly, we must now turn our attention to the oceans, as Techno-Ecocide is extending to the seas in the form of the Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT), aka Smart Ocean. If we allow science and technology, accompanied by the pursuit of material gain to be our guiding star, solutions offered will simply generate a host of new problems.”



From: Marcus Schluschen

This morning, I participated in a Zoom call with Americans For Responsible Technology. Lawyers Jim Turner, Julian Gresser and Joseph Sandry hosted this event, as well as Ben Levi. 119 people participated, including Dr. Havas. But I did not see anyone from our Canadian groups.
This is the same group which recently brought the FDA before the courts, and won.

Here are a few comments:

Jim Turner
– FDA has done nothing to test, and no official policy was adopted by the FDA.

– They ignored their own 30 million dollar study because it was done with animals.

Joe Sandri (The Balance Group)
– Why effective protocols and instruments to measure biological interference are decisive.

– Major cyber attacks have occurred – presently enormously vulnerable!

Julian Gresser
– They have appealed to Biden/Harris and the FDA/FCC to pause all licenses on satellites.

– “You cannot wing all of this”

– Rule of law, taking second and third rank.

– Basic common sense: Precautionary Principle

– He compared ‘time averaging’ to the average wind speed of a “safe” 6 miles an hour in Tornado Alley.

– They are fully engaged in this, and adamant not to let this rest.

Dr. Havas
EMI – Electro Magnetic Interference

– EMI can also stand for: Electro Magnetic Injury, as an acronym.


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Sooner or later, we will have to recognise that the Earth has rights, too, to live without pollution. What mankind must know is that human beings cannot live without Mother Earth, but the planet can live without humans. ”    Evo Morales




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