2021-10-29 No safe “dose” of EMF

1) In this second part of his newsletter, Arthur Firstenberg provides studies that show that lower powered devices with lower RF exposure can be as, or even more, damaging as greater exposures. Many studies show that there may be no safe “dose” of man-made RF. Life evolved to nature’s microwave radiation which in no way compares to artificial, man-made microwave radiation.

THE MOST DANGEROUS TECHNOLOGY EVER INVENTED Part Two There is No Dose Response for Microwave Radiation

“The selling of cell phones is, and always has been, based on lies and deception. The biggest lie is that they are “low power” devices and that this makes them safe. That is a double lie. It is a lie because they are not low power. If you put a cell phone — any cell phone — in your hand or next to your body, you are being blasted by more microwave radiation from your phone than you are getting from any cell tower, and by ten billion times as much microwave radiation as you are getting from the sun, the Milky Way, or any other natural sources…

And it is a lie because low power devices are not any safer than high power devices. The reason for this is that electromagnetic fields are not toxins in the ordinary sense, and the rule in toxicology that a lower dose is a safer dose does not apply to microwave radiation….

… they found, to their surprise, that the greatest damage to the blood-brain barrier occurred not in the rats that were exposed at full power, but in the rats that were exposed to phones whose radiation was reduced by a factor of ten thousand! This was the equivalent of holding a cell phone more than one meter away from your body. The leader of the research team, neurosurgeon Leif Salford, warned that non-users of cell phones were being damaged by their neighbors’ cell phones, and that this technology was “the world’s largest biological experiment ever.”

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2) The next step in the use of satellites to spread 5G more widelytelecoms using satellites for internet in rural areas of the US. Canada will not escape this.

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Verizon Will Use Amazon’s Satellites and Maybe Others’ to Extend U.S. 4G and 5G Wireless Coverage

Verizon will use Amazon’s low Earth orbit satellites to extend 4G and 5G

Verizon/Amazon satellite deal will include fixed-wireless Internet in rural US.

Verizon has made a deal to use Amazon’s low Earth orbit (LEO) satellites to add capacity to the Verizon cellular network and provide fixed-wireless Internet service in rural parts of the US. Verizon said it will use Amazon satellite connectivity for both consumers and large businesses….

Verizon told CNET that Kuiper-powered service for customers is a “few years away” and that the deal is nonexclusive for both Verizon and Amazon. Verizon could thus partner with additional satellite companies, and Amazon could offer its satellite connectivity to other cellular carriers. Verizon also said it intends to use Amazon Kuiper “to make the entire map of the US red”in other words, to fill in coverage gaps where Verizon’s wireless connectivity is weak or nonexistent.”


3) A webinar put on by the industry about the future of 5G mm Wave devices, benefits, etc. — how to make greatest return on 5G mm investment. I hope there are some night-owls willing to listen to this or someone who can figure out how to record it for sharing.

5G mmWave: The key to completing the 5G puzzle
Date: 3rd November
Time: 10am GMT or 3:00 am PT

In this webinar, Philippe Poggianti, Vice President Business Development 5G at Qualcomm, and George Tsirtsis, Senior Director of Technology at Qualcomm, will focus on the deployment scenarios where mmWave brings the most significant impact in terms of return of investment for an operator, and discuss the latest market status of mmWave in Europe and around the world.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Tangible benefits and use cases mmWave frequencies are already enabling
  • Which mmWave deployment scenarios can deliver the most significant ROI for operators
  • What’s next for mmWave in Europe – and how we get there



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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