2021-10-26 Rogers’ 5G ready to go in large cities

1) This article covers topics ranging from space junk to cybersecurity to “increased lethality of war” to interference.


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“In an effort to connect every “thing”, event, and place on the planet to the internet, plans are for launching over 100,000 satellites in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) to complement terrestrial 5G. (NB: estimates vary.) As of April 2nd, 2021, over 80 countries had satellite programs. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is leading the charge with plans for 48,000 Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites set to communicate with millions of User Terminals and hundreds of Earth base stations. Most recently, the company has applied to the FCC for additional user terminals for vehicles called, Earth Stations in Motion (ESIM)…

Dangers posed by satellites include space debriscollisions, depletion of the ozone layer; risk of devastating cyber attacks, pollution from rocket launches and from “dead” satellites burning up in the atmosphere; plutonium and uranium spills from nuclear-powered satellites and space vehicles; increase in already harmful levels of EMF radiation, permanent compromise of the night sky, interference with astronomical research and weather forecasting; effects on wildlife, yet more tracking, surveillance and erosion of privacy; vastly more energy consumption, and the “promise” of increasing the lethality of war….

Although SpaceX and other mega constellations claim satellites are necessary to “bridge the digital divide”, doing so would be far more effectively accomplished by means of safer wired connections, with wireless or laser filling in on essential services, if and where cable is absolutely unfeasible…

Satellites and their accompanying earth-based infrastructure offer vastly more entry-points for so-called “bad actors” leaving both civilians and the armed forces around the world vulnerable to large-scale and devastating cyber-attacks. Recall that many systems on earth – electricity, banking, water, sewage etc. – are increasingly, and not-so-wisely, connected wirelessly to the internet via satellites and 5G-infrastructure. So, a cyber-attack could potentially shut down an entire city for weeks or months at a time.



2) The RTCA Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics


has prepared a PowerPoint explaining why and how 5G interferes with safe aviation.

Interference Risk to Radar Altimeters from Planned 5G Telecommunication Systems

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“HUGE AMOUNT OF SCENARIOS INVOLVED Every base station configuration produces harmful interference both from 5G fundamental emissions in the 3.7–3.98 GHz band and 5G spurious emissions* in the 4.2–4.4 GHz band, across virtually all operational scenarios and relative geometries between the aircraft and base station.

5G user equipment (mobile phones) that may be operating onboard aircraft were also found to exceed the safe interference limits for Usage Categories 2 and 3.

https://www.rtca.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Slides-5G-Interference-Risk-to-Radar-Altimeters.pdf     (21 slides)

3) Rogers’ 5G network is apparently ready to go live in several major markets, including Vancouver. Its first major rollout included many communities in Quebec. As well, it is now promoting connection of specific 5G cellphones. If you think 5G is live in your area, start taking some RF readings to compare with previous ones and take them perhaps once a week in the same locale. We need to know by how much the exposures are increasing.

If, over a period of time, you notice significant increases in your area, send the location and the levels to me so I can share. Send to:

citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca  with “RF increases” on the subject line.

Rogers announces completion of its national 5G core rollout

“Rogers reported today that it has completed the national rollout of its 5G standalone core network.

In a press release, (https://about.rogers.com/news-ideas/rogers-achieves-canadas-first-5g-standalone-smartphone-certification/) the Toronto-based carrier announced that it had “completed its 5G standalone core network deployment nationally and is deploying its 5G standalone service coverage in major markets.”

Those major markets include the cities of Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver….

The specific devices in question are the Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro. Pixel 6 owners will be able to connect to Rogers’ 5G network using their devices, provided they live in a region where they’re eligible for service.”

Rogers announces completion of its national 5G core rollout



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