2021-10-25 High cancer rates in US military pilots

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Canadian Environmental Protection Act – adding wireless radiation as an environmental agent.


2) Dr. Arazi and Phonegate keep reminding us and the authorities that many of the most popular cell phones emit far higher levels of RF than allowed by either France’s, the USA’s or Canada’s guidelines, yet they are still being sold and used — with no warnings being given to the public.

ISED’s response to me was that they do not use Safety Code 6’s maximum allowance but rather follow ICNIRP’s which is 55 times higher because “that is where heating has been found to occur” — totally ignoring the non-thermal biological effects.

Why not call with your smartphone at your ear?

“Since the appearance of the first cell phones, putting your device in contact with your head is a daily gesture that has become more than mechanical for billions of users. But is it without health risks? No, and the quadrupling of the most serious brain cancers in thirty years should alert us….

It is also, what showed in November 2020 the tests conducted at the request of France Television for the documentary of Complément d’enquête: “5g, the wave of a doubt”. Indeed, the director Nicolas Vescovacci asked the specialized company Art Fi to test 11 new and old cell phones of the most sold brands. The results speak for themselves:

Indeed, the tests conducted on the Apple iPhone 8 show that measure the SAR in contact with the skin in 4G the measure 1g (U.S. standard) comes out to 10.168 W/kg and for 10 g to 4.594 W/kg.”


Cancer: be careful if you spend more than 17 minutes a day on the phone

“A study from the University of California, Berkeley School of Public Health, has just linked the use of your cell phone to the risk of brain tumors. Scientists say the danger becomes real if you spend more than 17 minutes a day on the phone.”


3) Military equipment today often emits high levels of EMF. Pilots would be in close proximity in a small metal capsule, no doubt exposing them to very high levels of microwave radiation. And they are paying the price according to this study.

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Most Comprehensive Study Yet: U.S. Air Force Fighter Pilots and Crews Have Higher Rates of Cancer

“At the heart of the Air Force study was a question of whether extended exposure in the cockpit to radiation may be linked to increased risk of prostate cancer.

The study said “pilots have greater environmental exposure to ultraviolet and ionizing radiation … (fighter pilots) have unique intra-cockpit exposures to non-ionizing radiation.

Nearly 30% higher likelihood of testicular cancer and roughly 25% for skin and prostate cancer, according to the military’s most comprehensive study yet.

U.S. Air Force fighter pilots and crew members are far more likely to be diagnosed with certain types of cancers than their fellow airmen, according to the most comprehensive military study to date.

The study is the first confirmation of a connection long suspected by fighter aviators who saw their peers contracting some cancers at concerning rates. Earlier, less comprehensive studies had proven inconclusive.”


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41NtTvnpy8Y                          (video 3:57 min.)


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”    Mark Twain



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