2021-05-17 First results from Global Monitoring of EMF Project

1) In March, Dr. Magda Havas asked for volunteers to participate in Global Monitoring of EMF levels. She has provided the results of the initial measurements taken from cities in 13 countries and they are below in Letters. This is just the beginning of an ongoing project and Dr. Havas is looking for more volunteers. Full details are available at:


2) More information about Telus’s investment in 5G across Canada. Hopefully, people will take some RF measurements in these areas for Dr. Havas’s project before the 5G is activated and then again after the 5G has been activated to show the increase in RF levels in our environment.

Telus Investing $26 Billion Across Ontario and Quebec Through 2024

“Telus announced on Monday new investments planned for Ontario and Quebec, totalling $26 billion combined. The news comes after similar announcements were made last week for B.C.   and Alberta.

For Ontario, Telus says it will be investing $17 billion through 2024 in the province. The company’s 5G network is set to expand to 24 more areas this year, while the company says it will also be “creating 10,000 job opportunities for Ontarians” through its partner ecosystem.”


3) It appears that Wi-Fi has had flaws just about from its inception, flaws that make data and devices vulnerable. And the public is just now being told?

Decades-Old Flaws Affect Almost Every Wi-Fi Device
“Wi-Fi standard debuted in 1997.

“The findings, publicly disclosed this week by New York University Abu Dhabi researcher Mathy Vanhoef, show that an attacker within Wi-Fi range of a target network could potentially exfiltrate data from a victim and compromise their devices. But while the sheer scale and scope of the exposure is staggering, many of the attacks would be difficult to carry out in practice, and not all Wi-Fi devices are affected by all of the flaws….

Vanhoef also found a vulnerability that could allow an attacker to inject malformed data and become a “man in the middle” on a network, studying data that passes through to steal information or even take control of other connected devices that have additional vulnerabilities. They would need no special privileges to pull off the hack.”

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4) You are invited to our second 5G Winnipeg Awareness Meeting via Zoom.

Thursday, May 20th, 7:00 pm CT (Winnipeg Time)




From: Dr. Magda Havas, re the BRAG project.

May 17, 2021

Global EMF Monitoring

Hello everyone,

We have one month’s worth (April) of data and the results have been highly informative. Results are posted on the website in the form of:

“The map that we collectively produced is interactive. You can zoom into the exact location where monitoring was done. You can also select all the low radiation (level 1), intermediate radiation (level 2) and high radiation (level 3) communities, and you can name search for a particular location as well.”


Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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