2021-01-21 Satellites approved for Northern Canada

1) A reminder about the EMF Medical Conference that starts next week. This is a great opportunity for medical doctors to learn from and communicate with scientists about EMR while earning medical credits.

The biggest conference ever on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of EMF-associated illness!

“Electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure is growing at a rapid pace and the list of symptoms is vast. Worldwide, patients and clinicians are observing and documenting cases of EMF-associated illness — and noting that a wide variety of symptoms and conditions abate or significantly improve with EMF assessment and exposure reduction.

More than 2,000 peer-reviewed publications have revealed the clear, adverse health effects of (EMF) exposure on humans, animals, and plants. Physicians today must have a general understanding of how to evaluate and manage EMF patient cases.”


2) The federal government has quickly approved satellites’ irradiation of northern communities of Canada instead of providing safer, faster, better internet access via fiber optic cable. Where was discussion about this? With so many of us looking for info like this, did we miss it or was it not provided to the public in advance?

Nothing can escape this type of radiation, neither man, plant or animal. It is vital that shielding for homes be developed quickly so that at least we can find refuge when we sleep and care for our families.

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SSi Canada Partners with SES Networks to Deliver New Satellite Capacity into Northern Canada

““For years we’ve been providing services to Northern Canada and know that the digital divide is challenging for people living in remote and rural areas,” said Omar Trujillo, Vice President of Sales, Fixed Data Americas at SES Networks. “Canada’s bold vision to connect every citizen to broadband this decade aligns with the innovative solutions SSi Canada has been providing to its customers for years. We are happy to bring our expertise of operating more than 70 geostationary and medium earth orbit satellites to help SSi Canada scale up their backbone, ensuring that the remote communities in Nunavut are at the forefront in achieving the 50/10 Mbps threshold.””


3) Wonderful water smart meter in Halifax can’t explain how a single person used so much water, but it supposedly never makes mistakes.


Halifax woman not backing down from fight to resolve exorbitant water bill: ‘I was shocked’

“I was told that on Oct. 26 to Dec. 13, my regular consumption of water had gone from 125 litres to almost 10,000. I was shocked,” Fineberg said….

Halifax Water stands by the technology the smart meter uses to determine usage….

She says it wasn’t until after the bill was already processed that Halifax Water contacted her to bring the significant increase to her attention. She says shortly after, her regular daily usage resumed without any issues….

“They are told that the smart meter doesn’t make mistakes and it’s like gospel to them,” she said.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” George Bernard Shaw



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