2020-11-23 The Netherlands’ “Naked Truth About 5G”

1) Many people, especially young people, walk around with airpods shooting radiation straight into their brains. As shown in the second video, the power density is as high as 200 mW/m2 or 20 uW/cm2. A technical member of our group said he believes the airpods operate using 2.4 GHz frequency range.

See for Yourself How Much Radiation Airpods Emit



2) Eric van Rongen has long been an associated with the telecom industry and recently stated in an article: “I’m the scientist who sets the global guidelines on 5G safety. Take it from me: 5G doesn’t cause cancer or spread COVID-19.” Like the other members of the ICNIRP panel, he promotes the idea that there is no evidence that non-thermal (microwave radiation) can cause harm. Here are other things he said in the article:

“Contrary to many 5G conspiracy theories, phone radiation heats the human body the equivalent of having a cup of hot tea every two hours.”

“The science is really straightforward — there’s simply no solid evidence that anything other than a small amount of body heating may result from exposure to 5G radiofrequency fields.”

The following is a response by Dr. Goldsworthy who has been raising concerns about RF radiation for many years.

Andrew Goldsworthy (Biologist) Responds to Eric van Rongen’s (ICNIRP) Statements about 5G

“There are two main mechanisms by which non-ionising radiation such as that from cell-phones can damage living organisms. One is the heating effect and the other is the effect of low-frequency modulation…

… Since these membranes constitute only about one thousandth of the total diameter of a typical cell and virtually all of the heat is being generated in them, the ICNIRP Guidelines, which are based on the assumption that cells and tissues are uniformly conductive, are approximately one thousand times too high….

The effect of modulation.

… this increase in the internal calcium concentration is taken as an indicator to the cell that its membrane (and by implication, the whole cell) has been damaged and sets in train a series of repair mechanisms, which uses a great deal of metabolic energy. If it succeeds, the cell is repaired, if not, the cell dies, but either way a great deal of energy is used. This may in large part explain the chronic fatigue syndrome that was found in early mobile phone users (Yuppie flu) and is now much more widespread in the community due to our constant exposure to cordless phones, their base stations, WiFi and all the other wireless devices that current ICNIRP guidelines regard as safe.”

Andrew Goldsworthy (Biologist) responds to Eric van Rongen’s (ICNIRP) statements about 5G


3) A video made by citizens of the Netherlands, expressing their concerns about 5G to the Prime Minister. And, coincidentally perhaps, Netherlands has recommended a moratorium on using a milliwave frequency planned for many wireless devices (26 GHz) until health effects have been investigated. Meanwhile, Canada does nothing.

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“The Naked Truth About 5G”

https://www.5bburgers.nl/   &

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhkrXE7vcBo&feature=emb_title  (7:04 min.)

“The Naked Truth About 5G”: Dutch Citizens Produce Video to Appeal to Their Prime Minister

“The Netherlands just issued a 5G report that recommended measuring radiation levels and also recommended against using the 26 GHz frequency band for 5G “for as long as the potential health risks have not been investigated.”

Over 600 cities in Italy have passed resolutions to halt 5G, as have cities throughout Europe, such as Trafford, United Kingdom, Lille, France, Ormidia, Cyprus, Balchik, Bulgaria. The Pancyprian Medical Association and Cyprus National Committee on the Environment and Child Health sent Parliament their position paper “The Risks to Public Health from the Use of the 5G Network.” Bermuda has halted 5G pending a report on safety. Switzerland’s report on 5G health effects resulted in the Parliament’s refusal to loosen their radiation limits despite heavy industry lobbying efforts.”

https://www.activistpost.com/2020/11/the-naked-truth-about-5g-dutch-citizens-produce-video-to-appeal-to-their-prime-minister.html  or



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