2020-11-19 New group to fight 80,000 5G/6G satellites

1) From Stop 5G International:

“Please enjoy and share the following exquisite three minute video by Ragna Heffermehl (Norway), announcing the Global Candle Light Vigils set for Dec. 20 and 21, 2020. The Vigils are a call for technology that preserves health, ecology, self-sovereignty and human rights. Not 5G….

“On Winter Solstice there will be Lantern Lit Vigils across the world…to shine a light on the harm caused to wildlife and humans by Electrosmog.”

“This is our earth and we will protect it…as long as we are here.”

Candle light vigils are not difficult or labor intensive to organize. Even a few people can convey a message of care and intention to protect Earth from technology gone rogue.

For more information about the Candle Light Vigils, please visit:


If organizing a vigil, kindly send us the date, time, location and a contact email so we can post the event for others who may wish to join in. Send to:  team@stop5ginternational.org.

Shining the Light on 5G — WinterSolstice

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ha5zLDUg2eE&feature=youtu.be  (3:21 min.)

2) A group with the goal of building an International Brain Trust of experts to bring some sane framework to the deployment of low level satellites in support of 5G.

What Happens When We Invade Earth’s Atmosphere with 80,000 More 5G Satellites?

“Healthy Heavens Trust Initiative (HHTI) Halting the Assault by 80,000+ 5G/6G+ Satellites EPIC STORY: Humankind stands at a precipice from which there will be no return: A Great 21st Century Space Rush is now underway by commercial enterprises and the military, fomented and enabled in the U.S. by the FCC and other U.S. government agencies to grab… ”

What Happens When We Invade Earth’s Atmosphere with 80,000 More 5G Satellites?


Healthy Heavens Trust Initiative

“The Healthy Heavens Trust Initiative is building an International Brain Trust of legal and other experts to assist the FCC and other U.S. federal agencies in formulating a wise, balanced, and protective framework for the launch and deployment of low orbit non-geostationary satellites.”


3) Friends in the EU are asking for us to complete a survey entitled “EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child.” I have not yet completed it but was told it is a little cumbersome. Nevertheless, we should try to take advantage of the opportunity to express concerns about wireless technology. Scroll down on the first page of the link to “public consultation” and click on “Go to consultation”, and on the next page scroll to “respond to the questionnaire”. You will need to set up an account with a 10+ character password. There are 17 questions that allow for input of facts and even attachment of small files — links probably would be preferable.

“The EU strategy on children’s rights will provide the framework for EU action to better promote and protect children’s rights.

It will contain a set of measures for the EU to implement, addressing among others:

  • the rights of the most vulnerable children
  • children’s rights in the digital age
  • the prevention of and fight against violence
  • the promotion of child-friendly justice.

It will also include recommendations for action by other EU institutions, EU countries and stakeholders.”


4) A pretty weak motion (IMHO) that basically asks for the government to make a decision re. Huawei. Given the article in last night’s update warning about the increased vulnerability of our infrastructure due to “higher tech” that connects to the internet (5G), you’d hope for a stronger reaction to Huawei already having access to most of our 5G electrical grid.

Parliament passes Conservative motion to demand government decision on Huawei and 5G



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.”    Carl Sagan




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