2020-10-10 Canada’s obsolete privacy laws

1) A member reports that in a house she rents out, the new tenant received a BlueCurve modem from Shaw. Because the member is well aware of the dangers, she had told the tenants in advance that only hard wired devices would be allowed, so the tenant had the Wi-Fi turned off and connected internet via an ethernet cable. When the member, who lives nearby, had trouble sleeping she decided to take readings at the rental and found readings that were too high for her RF meter to measure. The modem showed that the Wi-Fi had been turned off, but the RF meter said otherwise. When the tenant called Shaw, after some discussion, the Shaw rep. said that the Wi-Fi would be on 100% of the time because that house was a hotspot, presumably for nearby hikers.

This is use of private property for commercial purposes without the owner’s permission, or even being informed. There is no way for customers to know if their homes are “hotspots” unless an RF meter is used. This is unconscionable. I wonder if it is also illegal.

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see 2) – https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/2020-08-23-how-industry-war-games-science/

2) More than 40 years ago, there were scientists who were concerned that the exposure limits that recognized thermal effects only were not based on science that was available — even 40 years ago studies showed effects at non-thermal levels. Dr. Moris Shore was one and his paper, presented at a conference in 1978, provides insight into the history of the limits that are still applied today by ICNIRP, etc.

In Memoriam: Moris Shore

Senior FDA Radiation Official Challenged Adequacy of RF/MW Exposure Limits in the 1970s

““A safe level of microwave exposure was arbitrarily established —no dissent from the arbitrary safe standard was tolerated— in a largely thermal (i.e., high-exposure level) microwave research program … [It] and the averaging provisions … may represent a directed verdict rather than a culmination of objective and unbiased scientific judgment.””


A Review of the History of the Ten-Milliwatt per Square Centimeter Microwave Standard

Dr. Shore’s paper is from pg. 32-39 (starting pg. 50/432), written 40+ years ago.


3) One of the major concerns associated with the 5G grid and the interconnectivity that will be a major component of it, sending personal data via the IoT, is privacy. According to the federal Privacy Commissioner, our privacy is far from secure and we have a right to demand more from our government before this grid is implemented.


Federal privacy commissioner ‘frustrated’ by obsolete laws ‘not up to protecting our rights’

“In his latest annual report published Thursday morning, Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien came out swinging against Canada’s privacy laws that he considers to be significantly obsolete.

“The law is simply not up to protecting our rights in a digital environment. Risks to privacy and other rights are heightened by the fact that the pandemic is fuelling rapid societal and economic transformation in a context where our laws fail to provide Canadians with effective protection,” his 2019-2020 annual report reads.

During a press conference Thursday, Therrien said that ultimately, Canadians are the ones losing out if their private data isn’t well protected by the government in the new digital era….

According to a comparison done by the Office of the Privacy Commissioner over the last year, Canada lags behind a host of countries when it comes to reforming privacy laws, including all the European Union, the United Kingdom, Australia, and even developing countries such as Brazil and Argentina.

Privacy is considered by the government as a good practice, but not a legal requirement. How long can this go on?

Contrary to all those other governments, Canada does not define privacy as a human right, nor does it give its privacy commissioner order-making powers or even the ability to administrate monetary penalties to organizations who break privacy laws.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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