2020-09-27 Dr. Meg Sears Demystifies 5G

1) Below in Letters is a report on the very successful 5G Protest Day in Qualicum Beach on Saturday. Congratulations on the great turnout.

Sadly, as you can see from these photos, the event in Victoria was far less successful. The weather didn’t help — it poured most of the day. A few hearty souls weathered the storm in front of the ISED (Industry Canada) office.

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2) A member who fought, and paid, to keep his analog until July 2019, has just received a huge bill: $700 for July and August, which is more than 3 times his normal bill for that period, or even his bill last year. BC Hydro, coincidentally, told him that they will be replacing his smeter but, so far, no reason has been given. When the smeters first were installed in large numbers, many people saw significant increases in their bills but since then, I haven’t heard much about this issue until now.

First, have any of you received bills that are inconsistently high? Second, have any of you had, or been told you would have, your smeter replaced?

If either has happened to you, would you please let me know at:  citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca with “smeters” on the subject line?

The life expectancy of these things is 5-7 years, so it is time we begin to see many replacements. BC Hydro has refused to answer many requests for information about replacements and the costs involved. The only data that I’ve seen was in this article in The Province which reported that 88,000 smeters were faulty for a cost of $20 million. This was in January 2016 so the smeters were probably no more than 5 years old.


Obviously, the smeters were not covered by warranty — and when I asked about the faults or the warranty under a Freedom of Information request, I was told that the information was private and would not be released. Without any oversight by BCUC or the Minister of Energy, there is no accountability for this program or the significant costs that will continue to be incurred. New smeters that are more compatible with the 5G grid are on the market and, no doubt, will be installed without our being told.

3) A radio show caller spoke about how Duke Energy’s ITRON smeter has caused both health and electrical problems for her family and her home.

Start at 1:34 of Gary Sullivan Show, 9/25/2020: https://www.iheart.com/podcast/182-gary-sullivan-on-demand-27053244/episode/gary-sullivan-9262020-71958572/

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4) Dr. Meg Sears is a biochemical engineer and Chair of Prevent Cancer Now (http://www.preventcancernow.ca/).  She is asking why 5G (and more wireless) is being promoted and implemented by our government when, if “going green” is really important, fiber optic networks are far superior at providing faster, safer, greener internet.

Demystifying 5G and Safe Internet

“It is a priority in the Speech from the Throne – good Internet connections while physically distanced. Through the pandemic, the gearing up and rollout of wireless 5G is continuing, with the goal to connect billions of devices wirelessly, to other devices and to us, at home, work, school, across communities and globally. There is a better way.

So, what is 5G, and does wireless fit the bill? Green economic and social recovery requires safe, secure, reliable, resilient, low-energy communications, and the clear winner will focus on fibre.”




We created a photoshopped image of the site, with protesters, AND an image of a 45 meter tower. As you undoubtedly know already, the tower will probably be much taller, as the telecoms are permitted to increase the height by a significant amount, without permission. (If memory serves me, it could be more than an extra 7 meters high!)

from: https://www.change.org/p/qualicum-beach-mayor-and-council-better-service-yes-near-schools-and-homes-no

Very Successful 5G Protest in Qualicum Beach!

“Following strict Covid-19 protocols, bylaws, etc., we managed to have a very successful protest against 5G, and the proposed Telus cell tower, yesterday.

The event was held on the property where the proposed 45meter+ cell tower may be planted, at the junction of Village Way and Old Island Highway, in Qualicum Beach.

While only a total of 50 people (including the volunteers) were allowed in the cordoned-off area at the same time, about 70 people came out to our protest against 5G and the proposed cell tower. We had several speakers, and one woman led us in a wonderful signing of “Oh Canada.” Many vehicles honked—all supporting our efforts. It was gratifying to see so much diversity, especially in age.

A young protester made a sign with rainbow-metallic letters, that said “Don’t Microwave Babies.” Profound!

Another interesting “highlight” was the “participation” of tower proponents. What a great opportunity to educate! They were welcomed, and everyone was informed that they also had the right to be there, and to be treated with respect, and kindness, with everyone else. They were informed that they could get their 911 service, as it was tested prior to the event. They were also encouraged to have wired (non-DECT) phones, as these phones are more secure and safer, and London Drugs carries them. These pro-tower protesters then left immediately. Later, a speaker compassionately acknowledged that these tower proponents were “victims” of Telus’ manipulation.”


Sharon  Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead


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