2020-08-11 Smeters’ role in 5G–> loss of privacy

1) An insider explains the role of smart meters in the 5G grid to invade our privacy, capture and send information about our home, our families and our lives without our permission and without our knowing. This is why it is against the law to have an analog meter. Does the government know? Were they in collusion with industry way back in 2010 to make privacy a thing of the past?

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5G and its Privacy Implications

“Many have read articles about how 5G is going to kill us all. I work for a major tech company, and I’m somewhat of an authority on this subject. I encourage you to read through this lengthy article as you won’t read a more informative vision into our privacy invading future, I can promise you that. I’ve also done extensive additional research on the subject. I want to give you my view on 5G and how it will affect our privacy. I’ll go ahead and spill the beans and then go into why. But the answer is that it will OBLITERATE IT!…

But how will the information leave the house you may ask? By many means. Right now you already have a method for the information to leave. Do you have a Smart Meter on your house? This is just the beginning. The Smart meter works by relaying data from smart meter to smart meter until it reaches a centralized server storing the data. It works like a mesh….

Yes, I’m saying that your smart meter will talk to your devices in your house over 5th Generation mesh networks, bypassing your gateway, leaking information from your home computers, and cell phones. And it won’t stop there, as I said earlier 5G is a mesh network type of infrastructure, if say a 5G TV sees a neighbors phone, it can relay data across to it and out of your home via the smart meter or the neighbors meter, over to other devices and continue until it reaches it’s destination.”


2) Spacex, Amazon, etc. continue to launch satellites as part of the 5G grid, with the plan to ultimately have many 1,000s ensuring that every inch of the earth is irradiated. For the sake of future generations of all living things, these must be stopped.

Americans for Responsible Technology is holding a zoom meeting on Thursday, Aug. 13 from 4-6 PT.


“On Thursday, August 13, 2020, from 7 to 9 PM EDT (2300 to 0100 UTC), Americans for Responsible Technology will host a meeting about the 5G satellites on Zoom that will be simulcast on Facebook. In the first hour, four presenters will speak for 15 minutes each:

 Ben Levi, technology consultant, will summarize the current satellite situation. Where are we now, and what is forecast over the next few years?

Joe Sandri has a law degree and has training and experience in radiofrequency engineering. He will describe how the satellites work. How will a typical 5G transmission use the satellites? What kinds of earth stations will be required?

Arthur Firstenberg will talk about the impact of the satellites on people and the environment. How will the electrical environment of the earth be altered by constant transmission of 5G signals?

Julian Gresser, attorney, will address what is being done legally to stop this. What right does the FCC or any other agency have to authorize the use of space for private commercial interests? What are the legal and ethical principles involved?

The second hour of the meeting will consist of a discussion among the presenters, followed by questions from the online audience, which will include members of the press.

Attend by Zoom (limited space). Participants must register in advance:  https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZwkdeqoqjIiGNx6dqXjti7HrZHqle3LNwrH

Watch on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1176845649355076

3) Non-EMR, but pure BC Hydro. The Clean Energy Act, 2010, pushed through by the Liberals, allowed 2 major programs to be implemented without any regulatory oversight by BC Utilities Commission. Those programs were Smart Meters and Site C. We know very little about the finances of either program, and both faced significant resistance from the public, which was ignored by both the Liberals and the NDP. Hopefully, Site C will be stopped before more irreparable damage is done.


Don’t blame COVID-19 for new Site C dam cost overruns and delays, energy experts say

“The Site C dam project is facing unknown cost overruns, schedule delays and such profound geotechnical problems that its overall health has been classified as “red,” meaning the project is in serious trouble, according to two overdue project reports released by BC Hydro on Friday.

BC Hydro and B.C. Energy Minister Bruce Ralston blamed the COVID-19 pandemic for the Site C project’s deepening woes….

“I don’t think it’s credible [to use the pandemic] in explaining what’s happened so far,” said Harry Swain, chair of the panel that examined Site C for the provincial and federal governments.

Swain said significant problems with foundation conditions under the right bank have been known for at least two years, giving BC Hydro plenty of time to update the project’s cost and schedule.

BC Hydro is concealing information or the government is not asking for it,” Swain told The Narwhal.”


4) Frequencies that currently are being used by the US military for radar, air traffic control, air and missile defense are going to be auctioned off in Dec. 2021 for 5G. This will allow stronger signals that will go farther and penetrate more deeply than milliwaves. All in the name of winning the race for 5G and internet of things, even saying it is necessary for national defense, which seems odd when the Dept of Defense could have some major problems.

Pentagon Gives Up Huge Slice of Spectrum for 5G

“WASHINGTON: After a remarkably fast interagency review, the White House today announced a massive transfer of electromagnetic spectrum from military use to commercial 5G. It will be the “fastest transfer of federal spectrum to commercial use in history,” US Chief Technology Officer Michael Kratsios told reporters proudly this afternoon. But, Kratsios and Pentagon CIO Dana Deasy assured reporters ahead of the announcement, the rush won’t compromise military readiness or operations.

The 100 megahertz of spectrum runs from 3450 MHz to 3550, so-called mid-band frequencies prized by 5G developers because they allow longer-ranged transmissions than the millimeter-wave spectrum that makes up most of what’s been available in the US so far. Kratsios and other officials told reporters shortly before this afternoon’s announcement that the move would dramatically expand 5G access for all Americans – fulling a congressional mandate in the 2018 MOBILE NOW Act – and strengthen potential competitors to Chinese giant Huawei in the global market.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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