2020-04-11 EMF exposure exacerbates pneumonia

1) The following was sent as part of a discussion in a group of which I am a member. It would seem logical, from the studies and Dr. Pall’s findings, that if one were to get Covid 19, it would be logical to ask for calcium channel blockers. It also, from Dr. Pall’s findings, follows that exposure to EMR/EMF can exacerbate pneumonia, as it does with so many other diseases.

Martin Pall wrote:

“The predominant cause of death from this coronavirus is pneumonia. Pneumonia is greatly exacerbated by each of those five downstream effects of VGCC activation, excessive intracellular calcium, oxidative stress, NF-kappaB elevation, inflammation and apoptosis. The first of the citations listed below shows that calcium channel blockers, the same type of drugs that block EMF effects, are useful in the treatment of pneumonia. This predicts that EMFs, acting via VGCC activation, will produce increasingly severe pneumonia and therefore 5G radiation as well as other types of EMFs may well increase pneumonia deaths.”

Bai et al, 2020:

Porcine deltacoronavirus (PDCoV) … infection was found to upregulate intracellular Ca2+ concentrations

Treatment with Ca2+ channel blockers…inhibited PDCoV infection significantly… reduces PDCoV infection by inhibiting the replication step of the viral replication cycle.

PDCoV infection increased the intracellular Ca2+ levels. Treatment with Ca2+ chelators and channel blockers significantly decreased viral yield.”


Chen et al, 2019:

Viruses induce elevated cytosolic calcium concentration to activate Ca2+ dependent/sensitive enzymes and transcriptional factors to promote virus replication. ”

“Since 1984, it has been known that verapamil, the blocker of VGCCs, inhibits influenza A virus (IAV) infection [7]. Moreover, IAV infection induces Ca2+ influx, and the elevated intracellular Ca2+
promotes endocytic uptake of IAV [8]….”a VGCC blocker, diltiazem, significantly prolonged the survival of IAV-infected mice and allowed the recovery of the survivors.”

“the VGCCs blockers are excellent candidates for broad-spectrum anti-virus treatment...modulators for host calcium channels are the pots of gold for antiviral drug development”

The disturbance of the host Ca2+ system by virus may suppress T-cell responsiveness, antiapoptotic, and other protentional functions.”


2) In New York City, 5G microcells are being installed on street light poles, 15 ft. high. Very convenient for the telecoms, not so convenient for those working and living nearby.

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NYC allows 5G equipment on streetlamps

“The startup Ubicquia is touting its streetlight-powered small cell as a relatively easy way to deploy small cells for LTE densification and for 5G because streetlights are already permitted with municipalities. In addition, streetlights are often in close proximity to fiber for backhaul. Ian Aaron, CEO of Ubicquia, said in a previous interview with FierceWireless that there are 360 million streetlights around the world that have a common electric socket, which can be used to power Ubicquia’s small cells.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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