2020-02-05 Insects being driven to extinction

1) More studies and reports showing that insects are suffering mightily from human activities. The list of pollutants is long and EMR should be added to it because many experts have found that exposure to cell phones, for example, can disrupt a bee hive. See:


But with 5G, not only will there be more EMR but the milliwaves intended to be used are far more dangerous for insects, and may become pervasive. More information that environmental groups should receive — more reasons for us to work together.

We, the people… are driving insects to extinction

The list of environmental pollutants might be, however, soon expanded. The rapid deployment of the 5th generation of the wireless communication technology (5G), will cause that a huge number of the micro-cell-towers will be densely distributed throughout the urban areas. For the the non-urban areas there are plans to deploy satellites, to the low orbit, that would beam the microwaves and provide internet connectivity for any and all locations on earth.

Without an urgent governmental intervention, this might be not so distant future.

The 5G-involvement has been pointed out in a recent study. It has demonstrated that the radiation levels emitted by the cell towers of the 5G networks will heat bodies of insects to the levels that will be able to affect their normal physiology: Exposure of Insects to Radio-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields from 2 to 120 GHz. Thielenset et al., Scientific Reports 2018, 8:3924.”


2) Parents, no doubt, will be warned about the possibility that a young child could choke on an airpod, perhaps the government will even require some special design feature so this can’t happen. Which is good. But what about warning parents about the dangers of allowing children to have wireless devices, like phones, iPads, etc. into which the airpods are plugged.

Parents Giving Kids AirPods Despite Fires, Harmful Radiation, and Potential for Accidental Swallowing

“Stroud told local ABC affiliate WSB-TV that the boy was holding the device in his mouth by the longer side when the incident occurred.

After receiving a call from her mother that the 7-year-old boy was “choking on an AirPod,” she rushed him to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Egelston hospital.”



3) More information from the industry about why new smeters are needed to enhance the 5G grid. We have a right to know how much this additional expenditure is going to cost. Here we have a not-yet-completed smeter program where, no doubt, the smeters are already requiring replacement due to obsolescence and now these new smeters. Not only are these expensive with short lives that will require regular and on-going replacement, but each time a meter of any sort is removed from the base, the lugs that hold the meter tight (to prevent arcing and fires) are stretched. Engineers warn that repeated removal and re-insertion of the meter will cause hot sockets, e.g. arcing and fires.

We need to contact Patrick Wruck, Secretary of the BCUC and David Morton, CEO of BCUC to make our concerns known. These smeters will be part of the 5G grid, will probably employ new 5G-compatible transmitters, will be able to gather and send more of our personal data to the IoT. There are a lot of new reasons to refuse these smeters and we need to voice our concerns early and many times. Here is the contact info for Mr. Morton and Mr. Wruck.

Chair & CEO <David.Morton@bcuc.com> (604-660-4725)

Patrick Wruck, Commission Secretary & Manager Regulatory Services <Commission.Secretary@bcuc.com> (604-660-4700) & Toll Free (1-800-663-1385)


“Direct Consumer Benefits of 5G AMI

What this means for smart metering is an uninterrupted stream of data that safely transmits data despite “interference, obstacles, and network congestion,” according to Business Insider.



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

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