2020-01-09 Microcells spreading rapidly.

1)  More microcells are being installed across BC everyday, and few people know about it, including mayors and councils.  This from a member in Maple Ridge.

If you see something similar in your area, please let me know. Send to:  citizensforsafertech@shaw.ca  with “More microcells” on the subject line.

“Maple Ridge is getting aprox 2 to 3 a day



I headed to Coquitlam at 2pm, was right behind a LEDOR Line Truck, appeared to be Fiberoptic wire on the spool drum.

As I entered Port Coquitlam near Costco, there were several more on Lougheed Poco,

and later in the day when checking Lougheed in Maple Ridge, the ones in the image/link.”

2)  Dr. Devra Davis and EHT have shared a wonderful flyer that should be shared with those concerned about the environment and climate. Please, if you belong to any such groups or know someone who does, get this to them.  We have common goals and concerns and should be working together to fight 5G.

Climate Change, 5G & the Internet of Things

“The digital transition as it is currently implemented participates to global warming more than it helps preventing it. The need for action is therefore urgent.”


3) I was asked by someone in Massachusetts who gets these updates to share an announcement about a public meeting being held this Sunday, Jan. 12 at which many experts will speak on the various aspects of wireless radiation and the dangers they bring. Sounds wonderful. Please share with friends or family who live in the area.

Wireless Technology in our Midst


4)  Hans Karow, a founding member who has worked for decades to prevent people from being exposed to RF, DE, and EMF wrote the letter below which was published in the Penticton Herald. He sent it with this plea: 

“Please invite others to write letters to editors as well!

Hope anyone  will write a  follow-up to my letter, …it’s important to “keep the flame burning” in the papers!

Write to  editor@pentictonherald.ca  and refer to  Concerns linger about 5G networks”, PH Jan 09,2020

 No more than 400 words allowed, otherwise it will not be printed!

At end of your letter to editor  provide your full name, address, phone # and email address.”

I would add that I hope people will write to their local papers, radio and TV stations [https://stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Media-List-B.pdf]  because the media is not aware of the issue or is ignoring it. And health is not the only reason to be concerned about 5G — many people refuse to consider that their wireless gadgets are dangerous. So please consider writing about privacy (IoT gathering your data), cybersecurity (Huawei), being an energy vulture, the environment, the impossibility of escaping the radiation especially once satellites are activated, etc.  When you write, please share with me so others can be encouraged to write.

5)  The governments around the world benefit from selling sections of the spectrum to telecoms for their wireless devices. This results in a major conflict of interest — the body that is supposed to regulate such things for our safety is too tied to industry to do its job.  This is in the US but Canada does the same thing.

mmWave auction poised to resume, on path to $6B

“The United States’ third millimeter wave spectrum auction is set to resume Monday, having already garnered over $5.7 billion ahead of the holidays.

After 26 rounds, gross proceeds at the FCC’s Auction 103 hit $5,757,682,316 as of Dec. 20. Licenses for spectrum in the upper 37 GHz, 39 GHz and 47 GHz bands are up for grabs, and 35 qualified bidders are participating in the clock phase.

The FCC is offering a total of 3,400 megahertz of spectrum for 5G, licensed as 100-megahertz blocks covering partial economic areas (PEAs). Top markets like New York City and Los Angeles have brought in the largest cumulative proceeds, at about $947 million and $740 million, respectively….

Separately, Verizon has requested FCC permission to conduct tests using a portion of the 37.6-40 GHz band in northwest Arkansas, which the carrier said won’t impact any rights regarding the spectrum licenses currently being auctioned.”



Dear editor:

Are your readers not concerned about the health and safety of their families?

Watch this 20 min. factual video and get educated about the very serious dangers of radiation soup as wireless technology advances:


Then stand up and demand that 5G is stopped until it can be proven safe by non-industry funded experts.

So far there have been no studies on 5G’s millimeter wave frequency radiation which are  more harmful than 3G’s and 4G’s microwave radiation!

If the 5G roll out is not prevented, then the biggest ever study will take place in which we humans are being used as guinea pigs, without our informed consent!

Time is short and the time for action is now!

Industry and our federal government are not telling us about the 5G hidden dangers on purpose: Conflict of Interest!

Hans Karow  (name given with permission)

Coalition to Reduce Electropollution (CORE)



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters

“I was brought up to believe that the only thing worth doing was to add to the sum of accurate information in the world.”  Margaret Mead


Smart Meters, Cell Towers, Smart Phones, 5G and all things that radiate RF Radiation