2019-10-17 Groups in France call for 5G moratorium

1)  In France, significant NGOs are speaking out against 5G, raising awareness of the dangers that already exist and that would be exacerbated by the heavy RF load of 5G, calling for a moratorium on the 5G grid. Where are Canadian NGOs in this?  Environmentalists? — All are too quiet.

French NGOs demand stop to ‘out of control’ 5G network

“A group of French NGOs is calling for a moratorium on the rolling out of new super-fast mobile phone cellular network 5G  in France, saying it could cause “out of control” consequences for society.

NGOs including Agir Pour l’Environnement and Priartém-Electrosensibles de France have come out against the new technology, saying that its use will lead to physical and mental health problems, environmental issues, and could even negatively impact social freedom.

It has been suggested that the 5G network, which is set to allow very large amounts of data to be sent and accessed using mobile devices, will be “revolutionary”.

In future, its super-fast abilities mean it could be linked to new technology such as self-driving cars, surgery done remotely, and a wider Internet of Things (in which homes are connected to the Internet, for example, to control automatic lights, heating, smart fridges, smart TVs etc).


 2)  We know that smeters have many design flaws that cause them to be hazardous. A member asked about the fault breakers being interfered with by smeters’ signals or dirty electricity. Yes, that is true. This means that the fuse will shut off and not be working the way it should to make a home safer.

 Smart Meters tripping AFCI’s

“Smart meters are now being installed in my area.

Smart meters are starting to trip AFCI’s as reported by 2 electricians I know and work with so far.

As you know, an arc fault breaker looks at an electrical sign wave and figures out what’s right and what’s not.

When it “see’s” the signature of an arc, it trips. RF ( radio frequency) interference has nearly the same electrical signature as an electrical arc.”


3)  An excellent op-ed by a member of the Kingstonians for Safe Technology about 5G.  Please consider sending this widely to friends, associates, MLAs, MPs, and the media


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From climate to health, spread of 5G networks poses multiple risks

 “The implementation of the next generation of wireless mobile communication technology — 5G — will bring about energy consumption of the cloud that is tens to hundreds times more than existing wireless technology consumes today. As more and more devices are wirelessly connected to the “internet of things,” any systematic efficiencies achieved are cancelled out by the increasing volume of traffic. tsunami of data” is predicted to use up to 20 per cent of the world’s electricity and emit up to 5.5 per cent of the world’s carbon emissions by 2025.”


 4)   The FCC in the US has been told that the guidelines for exposure to RF will remain unchanged with the same limits set in the 1990s, saying there is no evidence of harm from wireless radiation, including 5G.  Dr. Joel Moskowitz takes issue with this assertion. What is needed are guidelines based on biological effects, not heating of tissue or reactions of test animals.


We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe

“The technology is coming, but contrary to what some people say, there could be health risks

 The telecommunications industry and their experts have accused many scientists who have researched the effects of cell phone radiation of “fear mongering” over the advent of wireless technology’s 5G. Since much of our research is publicly-funded, we believe it is our ethical responsibility to inform the public about what the peer-reviewed scientific literature tells us about the health risks from wireless radiation….

 The FCC’s RFR exposure limits regulate the intensity of exposure, taking into account the frequency of the carrier waves, but ignore the signaling properties of the RFR. Along with the patterning and duration of exposures, certain characteristics of the signal (e.g., pulsing, polarization) increase the biologic and health impacts of the exposure. New exposure limits are needed which account for these differential effects. Moreover, these limits should be based on a biological effect, not a change in a laboratory rat’s behavior.”



Sharon Noble, Director, Coalition to Stop Smart Meters 

“You will observe with concern how long a useful truth may be known, and exist, before it is generally received and acted on.”               ~  Ben Franklin



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